Firstly everyone here at Lazygamer would like to congratulate South Africa’s own Charl Schwartzel who won the Masters this past Sunday.

He is now one of three South Africans, including Gary Player and Trevor Immelman, to ever sport the prestigious Green Jacket. It was a full time job competing with him in our own Tiger Woods’ review, however we don’t get to keep our winnings.

Hit the jump to see if Tiger Woods 12 stroked our wood the right way.

As the name would indicate the whole game is based around The Masters and the road leading up to the “be all and end all” events of golfing. You start with the character editor and set off to prove yourself in sand, fairway and greens alike – sand is optional if you have some skill to boast. The whole menu is based around The Masters with a dedicated window on the right of the screen that will give you updates after each event, whether it be newly unlocked pins, sponsor availability or the next event to tee off from. This is a great feature that will guide you in the right direction, through a game that has many different features.

Your career starts off with playing for the Amateur cup, Q School, PGA and then if your skill is up to par you will be invited to participate in The Masters. Not all of the courses playable are part of the game, a total of 16 can be purchased and while it’s great that they included these in the line up it is unfortunate that you will have to skip these events if you do not purchase the courses.


Upon stepping up to the tee for the first time you will notice a man standing next to you with your name on his back, this fellow is your caddy, one of the new features in Tiger Woods 12. Your caddy will give you recommended shots and offer both a safe and aggressive approach. These approaches take wind, slopes and surface into account so in that sense the game has been made slightly easier although it will still be up to you as the player, to strike the ball as accurately as possible.

Last Updated: April 15, 2011

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