Titanfall review roundup

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So the Titanfall review embargo has dropped and the scores are coming in. So far it’s looking good but not as great as I expected to be honest. We’ll update this article as more scores land.

Videogamer – 8/10

But for all its strengths, its reliance on tried and true modes and rigid maps stops Titanfall achieving its full potential. Capture the Flag, Attrition, and Domination are the best gametypes, but none of them show the same invention that’s occurring elsewhere in the title

Gamespot – 9/10

The overarching experience of playing Titanfall is one of rejuvenation and reinvigoration. The sprint speed, the arsenal, the game modes, and more are all firmly derived from some of the most successful online shooters of recent years. 

Polygon – 9/10

Titanfall is the rare game that feels like it came out on top of the few compromises Respawn has had to make. Sliding the spectacle and holy shit moments of an epic campaign among bold, fast multiplayer that steals unlikely elements, Respawn has made them shine like they belonged there all along.

VentureBeat – 8.2/10

For a multiplayer-only game, Titanfall should have some amazing options and ways to play. But it doesn’t. It has a very healthy number of maps (15), but the lack of interesting new modes will make you feel shortchanged for not getting a single-player campaign.

CVG – 9/10

Thrillingly chaotic and expertly tuned,Titanfall is a fairly orthodox FPS elevated to greatness by dozens of intelligent design choices. One-note? Perhaps. But what a note.

Joystiq 4.5/5

When it’s not all a clash of the you-know-whats, when there’s a volatile mix of scampering boots and earth-rattling bipeds on the battlefield, Titanfall truly excels.

GamesRadar 4/5

Titanfall blends familiar concepts with innovative ideas in remarkable ways, leading to a nearly nonstop supply of awesome moments. 

NowGamer – 9/10

Titanfall is an accessible, well-balanced and intensely enjoyable multiplayer first-person shooter that successfully delivers on the concept of blending human and mech combat.

Ausgamers – 8.7/10

Titanfall is a very good shooter, and I’m always a fan of any game that lets players use movement to separate themselves from the herd. Nevertheless, I feel like Respawn is simply setting the foundation here — what they really want is for us to prepare for Titanfall 2.

EGM – 10/10

Titanfall lives up to all the expectations established when it was first revealed, in a way that so few games are able ever to accomplish, and represents nothing short of first-person shooter multiplayer taken to new heights.

InsideGamingDaily – 9/10

What you get is a super-fast paced shooter experience, some epic moments in wall-running and shooting guys, and a truly original feeling of competitive multiplayer. As a result, I’d recommend it to anyone,

GameReactor – 9/10

You forget whatever marketing and money that’s been poured into the team that this is one studio, making one game, and are trying to add something new to the genre. There’s no sense here the team have held back; this is work made with their heart and soul. 

The Toronto Globe & Mail – 7/10

So, while Titanfall delivers amazing next-generation action, its next-generation business plan isn’t nearly as impressive.

Gametrailer – 9.3/10


Lazygamer     -99/100 <- That’s bad

Screw you guys for not releasing it here or even sending us a review copy. Review copy arrived.. our review will be live soon.. *sulk*

Let me know what other reviews, with scores, exist so I can update the article.. I’m still looking

Last Updated: March 10, 2014

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