Trailer Park King Episode 2–A review.. well nearly

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It’s not often that we get to review indie games mainly because of the huge amount of retail titles that get sent our way but it’s January and I didn’t want to review a hidden object game so when an email arrived asking if we’d like to review a game about half naked ladies, trailer park trash and yeah who am I kidding I was sold on the first line.

Trailer Park King 2 is a direct follow on from Trailer Park King which I have unfortunately not played so I was a little lost when the game started.

Firstly because it’s not really a game in the sense of what we are used to now. Trailer Park King 2 is a point and click adventure title similar to the quest games of the 90’s but obviously a lot simpler.

You are King and you are being held captive by Truck, who was dead but is now alive. But then he dies, but doesn’t and becomes a zombie but isn’t… you keeping up here?

You need to then find the zombie by searching through the trailer park which is entirely occupied by incredibly sexual looking females and 1 other guy.


Perfect bodies and very little clothing is the order of the day but as this game is on Xbox Live it obviously doesn’t include any real nudity or sex as that’s the devil’s work…

It’s very short and you spend the entire time just clicking on different locations and listening to the resulting discussions. The voice acting is actually pretty good for an indie title and while the game is simplistic I have to admit that I actually really enjoyed it.

It’s 80 points and if you have a hankering for some old school point and click adventures it’s actually worth it. But if you are expecting a deep quest or something a little more cerebral then you are going to be disappointed.

So in short I’d say it’s worth the 80 points and you’d be supporting a small indie developer so the game also includes 50 feel good points as well.

Though I’d recommend getting both the first and second episodes in that order so that it makes a bit more sense.

The developer is planning on releasing some free DLC for the game later this year and the third episode will also be released this year, however it will apparently not be a point and click adventure so I’m interested to see how they pull that off.


And now for that all important score,


Gameplay: 6/10.

You point and click.. there really isn’t much more to it. Oh there is a little mini game for the shooter fans but I don’t want to ruin the only twist in the game

Design and presentation: 8/10.

It looks fantastic, the artwork is brilliant and the setting just works

Value: 7/10.

It’s only 50 points and with the new rules from Microsoft the developer can now offer free DLC which is pretty impressive for an indie title

Overall: 7/10.

I’m giving this one a 7 with the caveat that it’s a small indie game. This isn’t a 7 in comparison to retail 7’s but the game was fun and I never once wanted to pry my eyes out instead of playing so it’s better than a lot of reviews I’ve been forced to do

Last Updated: January 23, 2012

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