Ultra Street Fighter IV: Reviews round up

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Despite Capcom’s general abusive DLC practices, I actually kind of like what they’ve done with Street Fighter IV. The game was first released on consoles in 2009, and has since been iterated and updated rather substantially since. Yes, Capcom’s been updating the game the way did with Street Fighter 2: adding characters, levels, mechanics and stupid prefixes and suffixes to the game’s title. The latest, and quite probably last (unless there’s a balancing update) iteration is Ultra Street Fighter IV – which is available today. How is it?

According to those who’ve been playing, it represents the series’ biggest overhaul to date, with more than just characters and stages added to the brawler. Sadly, of the 5 new characters, most utilise assets ripped straight from Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ultra adds in Red Focus, which has the ability to soak up multiple hits at the expense of two super bars; and each character can utilise both of their ultras in a match. It also ads an eleven frame delayed wakeup for those who like to be sneaky.

Here’s what critics think Ultra

Godisageek – 10/10

After the disappointingly meagre Arcade Edition, Ultra is an expansion every bit deserving of its title, and more than worthy of the time of anyone that has, does, and is yet to enjoy Street Fighter. Here’s to the next five years of brave Ultra counters and delayed wake-up mix-ups.


Eurogamer – 8/10

The only thing that holds this sequel back is the sense that it was made on a fairly tight budget. It’s the little things, like the meagre choice of “new” characters and the way that some of the new Ultra animations lack the dramatic flair of their predecessors. But with the development team’s passion taking up most of the slack, £11.99 for the digital upgrade feels like a fair price. It’s not the Street Fighter 5 that we’ve all been hankering for, but as the fifth (and reportedly final) version of Street Fighter 4, Ultra is an ultimate end in more ways than one.


IGN – 9/10

Ultra Street Fighter 4 takes an already incredible, content-rich fighting game, and builds upon it in ways that fighting enthusiasts can get lost in and casual fans can enjoy. Every addition and refinement, both big and small, works. The new characters feel like they’ve been here all along, and the rebalancing gives old characters a fresh lease on life, making Ultra a must-have for anyone who’s enjoyed any version of Street Fighter 4.


CVG – 8/10

For casual players or newcomers, Ultra Street Fighter IV is the same thrilling, deep, and accessible fighting game it always has been. And with the retail release featuring all previously released costume DLC content, it’s a game that every Xbox 360, PS3 or PC owner should have in their collection.

It’s worth remembering that you’ll be able to pick this up either as DLC, or as a standalone disc (available in August). It’s also worth remembering that Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be free to Xbox Gold Members later this month, and it’ll just cost the price of the DLC – about R200 – to upgrade to this latest, most feature-packed iteration.

Last Updated: June 3, 2014

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