In life, there are few certainties. Death, taxes and having a massively muscled behemoth clotheslining your body out of the ring, are just a few examples. Here’s what the critics have to say so far about WWE 2K14.

It’s a mixed bag so far, with WWE 2K14 holding a Metacritic rating of 78. The general consensus so far is that the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode is a fantastic addition that hits your nostalgia in the all the right places, but the game is let down by some flaws in the ring work and playing it too safe.

Destructoid – 90/100

WWE 2K14 lets me be creative, it told me a wonderful story of titans colliding, and gave me the gift of being a kid again. 2K Sports really picked the ball up and ran with it.

IGN – 87/100

It still lacks the brains to deliver competent AI and commentators, but WWE 2K14 has more than enough brawn to make up for it.

Giant Bomb – 80/100

2K14 most definitely satisfies whatever nostalgia I had for Wrestlemania’s history, and I expect will provide ample enough amusement between now and next year’s installment. But come next year, I’m considerably less certain that another entry just like 2K14 will be similarly satisfying.

Game Informer – 80/100

2K14 complements its historical angle with deep mechanics. 2K’s first stab at sports entertainment is a lot of fun (especially for history buffs), but the feeling of déjà vu left me wanting the developer to move the full experience forward with the same enthusiasm that it embraced the past.

Polygon – 80/100

The developers really embrace the inherent theatricality of pro-wrestling. Where most sports have their story lines crafted by journalists and television programs, pro-wrestling has the benefit of employing professional writers.

Official Xbox Magazine – 75/100

With WWE 2K14’s comprehensive roster and WrestleMania fan service, it’s hard not to find something to dig your teeth into à la George “The Animal” Steele on a turnbuckle. Still, we’ve seen the series tell better stories and work better between the ropes, making it tough not to notice the flaws in what might be the last dedicated current-gen match.

Official Xbox Magazine UK – 70/100

We’ll find out next year if WWE’s stable-change to 2K really changes the world of digital man-squeezing, but for now, like Wrestlemania, WWE 2K14 is a comforting combo of familiarity and nonsense.

Gamesradar – 70/100

WWE 2K14 is at its best celebrating WWE history, so it’s forgivable that the game wants to hang on to its recent past instead of blazing a trail to the future. In a transition year like this one, it works as a fitting capper to another gaming generation of wrasslin’. However, 2K hopefully has something more original in the pipeline.

Gamespot – 60/100

It’s a shame the wrestling isn’t up to par in WWE 2K14 because the elements surrounding it are so interesting.

WWE 2K14 is out November 1, if you’re keen to smell what the Rock has been cooking all along.

Last Updated: October 29, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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