WWE 2K15 old-gen review round-up

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I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAAAAAAAAAD NEWS FOR YOU! WWE 2K15 is promising to revitalise the sports entertainment genre with rivalries, updated rosters and visuals that you can most definitely see. Provided that you’re getting a current-gen version that is. But if you’re stuck with an older console (A running theme today it seems), then you might be in for a WWE game that’s about to lay some Sweet Chin Music on your moderate expectations.

Bleacher Report – 76/100

2K15 (3)

If WWE 2K15 on current-gen systems has a major flaw, it’s in the fact that there’s nothing really new to see here. That said, the franchise is transitioning away from the old consoles. It’s totally understandable if gamers who have current- and next-gen systems decide to wait until Nov. 18, but this isn’t a throwaway effort.

Game Informer – 70/100

2K15 (2)

This version of WWE 2K15 works if you’re not planning on buying a new-gen console anytime soon, are a big fan of the careers of the four leads, would like to play the exclusive Who Got NXT mode, and like the mechanics just the way they are. Custom creators, on the other hand, might as well continue to build up their creations on 2K14.

IGN – 59/100

2K15 (1)

Do yourself a favor, save your money, and buy WWE 2K14. The minor improvements to combat and commentary in 2K15 don’t even come close to making up for what was lost.

Cheat Code Central – 50/100

Smaller roster, fewer options, and a disjointed single-player make this less impressive than previous WWE titles.

THOSE REVIEWS DONE BROKE THE GAME IN HALF! 50/100? THERE AIN’T NO GETTING BACK UP FROM THAT KING! We’ll hopefully have our hands on the (assumedly) better, shinier game when it arrives next month. After all, I need to create Bad News Bonthuys and start laying down my finishing move, the Harumph.

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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