Here’s a blast from the (sort of) past! Back at the beginning of August, we hosted a special pre-screening for The Infiltrator, the based-on-a-true story tale of drug trafficking, undercover cops, and Bryan Cranston’s moustache.

The Infiltrator

Craig and I hosted the screening in our respective cities, and as usual we asked everyone to weigh in on how they thought the movie was. A little like the movie itself, the response from those that attended was… underwhelming. Although, to be fair, the screening was a month and a half ago and I can hardly remember what I had for dinner last night, so if you couldn’t give us a review, don’t stress! Before we get into what you thought, here’s what Craig and I had to say about it:


To get this out of the way, The Infiltrator is not my kind of movie. If I had to stumble across it while channel surfing, I’d probably keep going. That being said, it’s not a bad movie. The acting is solid, even if the cast isn’t used to its full potential. Bryan Cranston is superb, but you’d expect nothing less from him. His chameleon-like performance was the highlight for me.

The story itself is mostly sound, though very slow and not exactly action-packed. Though it does have some serious hair-raising moments, the tension and drama are well crafted. But I didn’t feel like the whole was greater than the sum of the parts, and it did leave me feeling like they’d missed out on greatness by but an inch. I can’t really put my finger on why though, but there was definitely something missing. 3/5


The Infiltrator was one of those films that really builds on you. I started off not loving it, but by the end I was glad I had come along for ride. What stood out for me was the many edge of your seat moments that the movie built up for you. There are many films that have showed the world of undercover police officers, but few that have shown the pressure and tension they feel at almost every stage, never knowing if their cover may be blown or the consequences of their choices and the impact it has on them and their families. It portrayed this personal element excellently and left you feeling connected with its characters by the end.

The movie is well acted, especially by Cranston, who holds this movie together superbly. The whole 80’s setting is also pulled off authentically in the art direction and cinematography and directed solidly. I would question some of the editing and pacing which robbed the movie of being truly great and it did feel a little anti-climatic by the end, which felt like a let down after the expertly build tension before it.

Overall though, I loved the movie and would certainly recommend it, even if crime/mob movies are not your thing. 4/5

The Infiltrator

Well, that’s what the resident experts think, here’s what our lucky attendees had to say:

Chandre-lee Stemmers:

Bob Mazur (Bryan Cranston) infiltrate the Columbian drug trafficking scene which plagued the US in the 1980’s by poses as an accountant/businessman in the effort to launder money for the cartel.   Based on a true story, this gripping movie will have you glued to the screen and have you talking about it for hours once you leave cinema. A really enjoyable movie! Good mix of drama and not too over the top violence, with emphasis on the former. Actors portrayed their roles well, and got unusually drawn to main characters. – 4/5

Nevlynne Dowman:

It felt like the same old “gangster/mafia movie”, that I’ve seen before. It was unnecessarily long and dragged on pointlessly. I would have liked to see more action. The build up was too long and in the end there was nothing but a mediocre climax. It was a bit predictable. – 2/5

Shashen Ruthanum:

I really enjoyed the story, and it had an olden-day feel to it.  – 3.5/5

Yolleen Naidoo:

Brilliant movie, loved the twists, the action and the underground world of the drug cartel. Bryan Cranston is my absolute fave especially from Breaking Bad days and hit a homerun with this. The Movies spoilt us to the max as well, thanks for the treat! 4/5

Bertus Schoeman:

I thought it was quite enjoyable and would give it 3/5

Thomas Hope:

Good setup of tension. Enjoyed it. – 4/5

The Infiltrator

So there you have it. If you like these kinds of movies, then you’ll like this one. If you don’t, well, it’s not going to change your mind. And if you’re keen, The Infiltrator opens on circuit this Friday 16 September.

Once again, super big thank you to our partners at Times Media Films for making all of this possible!

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

The Infiltrator

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