Zero Punctuation: Battlefield Bad Company 2

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It’s one day before pub day which obviously means it’s Zero Punctuation day.

This week Yahtzee takes on Battelfield Bad Company 2 and without even watching it I can be pretty sure he is not a fan of playing online as a squad with other squishy meat bags.

So why he decided to review a pretty much multiplayer only game is beyond me.

Well now after viewing it I can happily announce that I was right… and wrong. He completely ignored the fact that it has a multiplayer section and only reviewed the single player. But I was wrong as he didn’t seem to hate it.

What was interesting however is that he is apparently not very good at FPS games as Battlefield Bad Company 2 is pretty easy in comparison, I finished it on Hard without ever really being overly tested, apart from that damn mortar scene which is just impossible. I only managed to get past that by the mortar blowing me onto the finish spot and then when I respawned it felt I had tried hard enough and let me spawn from the next spot.

Last Updated: March 25, 2010

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