Zero Punctuation: E3

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This week Yahtzee takes aim at E3 itself, but not at its minimal size or lack of importance but more at how non eventful all the games actually were.

However I just can’t help but point out that even in his attempt to insult every game that was unveiled at E3 he also managed to completely ignore Killzone 2.

I haven’t seen a games hype drop so dramatically and so quickly in my life before. This was meant to be the game that was going to redefine a genre and in it’s final E3 showing before it’s release it doesn’t even get a mention in any post E3 analysis.

Mind you having said that Resistance 2 didn’t get a mention by Yahtzee either but Killzone 2 is my new pet hate and I like Resistance 2.

Last Updated: July 31, 2008

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