Zero Punctuation: HAWX – Which reminds me about a competition we are running

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Most of the time life feels more like a drunken ramble through the streets rather than anything really planned but every now and then someone turns the lights on and hands you a cup of coffee.

Our HAWX competition was scheduled to end last night and as I started to tally up the entries I realised I had completely screwed myself by expecting to be able to judge the entries in one day. So I was fully prepared to make up some lame excuse as to why I wasn’t going to announce the winner today but amazingly Yahtzee has decided to come to my aid.


This weeks Zero Punctuation is on HAWX which not only is an amazing coincidence but is also more than enough reason for me to say that the competition has now been extended by 2 days and the winner will be announced on Monday with entries closing on Friday midnight.

Oh and watch the video if you have had any doubt whether or not you want to win this game or not, he absolutely loved it.

More details about the comp here.

Once again thanks to Megarom and Ubisoft for sponsoring this prize

Last Updated: April 23, 2009

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