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Zero Punctuation : Painkiller

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I don’t like change… especially when it comes to things I really enjoy… Them taking Amstel of the market nearly put me in a mental institute for example.

So when I saw that Yahtzee now has a flash new video player I was unimpressed, why change a winning formula? So I started watching this review in the wrong frame of mind and yet I think it is possibly one of his top 3 reviews, I need to go and find the game PainKiller now…

On a separate but related note, I will be off to see Yahtzee in Australia in the very near future, my ‘real’ job has made this necessary. However I will still be entirely integrated into this site and very little will be changing apart from possibly we will be visited by some more of our Australian friends.. I have to call them friends if I am living there don’t I?

Hopefully this move will help add a more global understanding of the gaming market while still keeping the core purely South African thanks to Nick, Philip, Pillsbury and Etienne making posts from here.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2008

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