Zero Punctuation: Scribblenauts

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I wandered past TheEscapist on my morning news trawl and felt my heart skip a beat, Yahtzee is reviewing the hopefully awesome Scribblenauts today. A game that I have really been looking forward to and yet haven’t managed to grab a copy of yet.

So while I wait for the video to buffer here are the things I want to try in Scribblenauts

  • Relive a viking ceremony by placing a corpse in a boat and setting fire to it
  • Re-enact a scene from saw by setting evil traps and then placing an innocent in the middle to see which demise they choose
  • Seeing how..

oh look the bufferings done.. I gotta go, check the video after the break.

Last Updated: October 8, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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