ZombiU divides critics, eats their brains

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Seems Hitman: Absolution isn’t the only big game that’s dividing critics. New IP and system showcase ZombiU for Nintendo’s newly released console also seems to be a little hit-or-miss, depending on who you listen to.

While most seem pretty damned pleased with the game, it seems one or two reviewers haven’t enjoyed it so much; probably because like Dark Souls, it’s just one of those games you either love or you hate. Here are the scores:

“ZombiU won’t be for everyone. It’s difficult. It’s dark. It deftly juggles genre conventions to do the unexpected. And it’s exactly the kind of title that gamers have come to expect from new console launches, the kind of game that makes new console launches exciting,” says Polygon of the survival horror that really seems to put the horror AND survival aspects back in to a genre that’s become littered with naught but action games.

Gamesradar, equally full of praise says “ ZombiU’s complete and utter dedication to creating a tense, realistic zombie survival game can be problematic, and its often at odds with itself. Despite this, the game successfully proves that horror games can be enhanced by the Wii U’s GamePad, and does a great job at showing how the new controller can create an incredibly immersive experience.”

IGN, on the other hand, believes that ZombiU is less than the sum of its parts.

"ZombieU has so many great ideas from looting with the Wii U GamePad to permadeath to its spooky setting, but none of them grow into a great game."

The numerous parallels to Dark Souls means I know what I’d be getting in to, plunging in to zombiU…and I can’t wait.

Here’s the launch trailer.

Last Updated: November 19, 2012

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