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Dishonored 2: A comprehensive cosplay guide

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There’s a reason why the first Dishonored game is so cherished. It’s not just a fantastic example of being given an unbelievable amount of freedom to pursue a story of revenge and redemption in a way that players saw fit, but it was also a damn good-looking game as well. Like an oil painting that had come to life, Dishonored was a fluid game of dream-like visuals and themes, just begging to be explored.

Something that the upcoming sequel looks set to improve upon even further. The costumes of Dishonored 2 are rather glorious. Regal, elegant clothing that can serve as the kind of threads you’d be happy to wear to a royal event or on the streets as you pursue a threat to your kingdom. Dishonored 2 has a signature look, but one that is actually well within reach to any dedicated cosplayer.

Which is why we’re taking a good look at the threads that make Dishonored 2 stand out so magnificently in any royal court.

Emily Kaldwin

A while back, Bethesda released an official spec sheet for Emily’s costume. Here’s the reference image (Click to embiggen):

Emily Kaldwin

And here’s a more detailed breakdown of what the young Kaldwin actually wears, based on a reproduction that Bethesda featured at their E3 2015 booth that I took photos of. I knew these would come in handy one day:


Emily Kaldwin

Emily’s scarf serves two purposes: Functional clothing for extreme weather conditions and a handy makeshift disguise when she begins her assassination missions. A dark navy or black weave, the scarf is also covered in an ornate gold trim across its surface.



The actual cut of the cloak is very unique here. It has a military design element to it, but it also happens to be an extremely angular design as well. The bottom of the coat has a high cut to the right with a steep angle that extends to the left corner. Made of a heavy cotton and wool material, the coat is meant to reflect the royal upbringing of Emily while still being flexible enough to allow her to make use of her trademark skills.


Emily’s coat also has a high collar, that sticks out to either side and is finished off in a gold trim that runs the entire length of the jacket. Further down the front lapels, are more ornate designs that twist and weave their way down. The shoulders also jut out out a pointy angle, like a lethal 1980s business jacket.

Diamond cufflinks




The cardigan itself isn’t too complex. It’s one solid piece of leather with a single black colour, that folds right side over left. Also extremely angled, the right side needs to actually extend past the jacket sides with a corner that protrudes fully. Keeping the layers in place are three golden oval-shaped buttons, an old leather belt and a hip guard of the same age. Also of note are the accessories that Emily wears on her left side:

  • Silk bandage – On left arm to hide Outsiders mark
  • Empress Ring – On left hand

Riding boots

There’s a very, very specific cut on the knee-high boots that Emily wears, with a gold trim extending outwards. Unless you’re skilled in leather work, your best option here is to stick with traditional riding boots available at any equestrian shop, and creating boot spats out of leather or any other synthetic material to emulate that shape.

Pants – Grey/Navy colour

Nothing too difficult here. A good pair of tight textured pants that you can move in will complete the look, so long as it ties in with the dark royal colours that Emily favours.


Remember, it’s not enough to just look the part. You have to be the character as well! And what better way to study the body language of Emily Caldwin or Corvo, than by learning about their various skills and powers? Only 25 years old, Emily herself is still a deadly adversary to cross, surpassing even her father Corvo in the fields of combat and stealth.

A skilled swordsman, Emily is precise and lethal with her movements, while the Outsider’s Mark has granted her the following powers:

  • Far Reach – Emily pulls on a person or object ahead of her and travels towards it with blinding speed.
  • Dark Vision – A radar-like method of viewing enemy locations, where their attention is focused and a visual representation of the noise that you make as you move through the shadows
  • Mesmerize – Weak-minded enemies are quickly put into a dream-like state as Emily flexes her superior mental conditioning
  • Domino – By linking the fate of one character to another, Emily can eliminate one foe and make certain that his allies fall with him
  • Shadow Walk – By transforming herself into a small entity, Emily can sneak past the opposition much more easily
  • Doppelganger – A mystical clone that Emily creates, the Doppleganger can be used to misdirect enemies




Corvo’s coat leans more towards a sleeveless hoodie, reflecting his status as a royal spymaster. Made of thick Nubuck leather, the coat requires a sanded appearance in order to appear as if it was almost made out of velvet instead. If you can’t get your hands on any of that material, as long as your alternative has a full-grain weave you’ll still be able to emulate the look.


The coat also has a high overlap from right on top of left, with a downward angle that starts at the same height as the jacket collar and goes down. A three-button coat with a tail, two straps on the chest hold it in place. The hood itself is also angular, with the coat further splitting around the torso to give Corovo a sense of movement.

Underneath that is a vest, which also features a similar level of gold threading such as what Emily wears. A pair of vintage belts to hold his weapons, completes the look. Corvo’s right arm also features a long wrap, while his left sports a more traditional look with cufflinks.



Regal yet utiliatarian and the same colour as his jacket. Slightly baggy but not 1990s skater boy baggy, if you get our drift.



Riding boots again, this time with two belts to fasten them that jut outwards at an angle.



And now we get to the tricky part of this guide. Corvo’s mask is ornate to say the least. Messy yet elegant, filled with all manner of details. The easiest way to get your hands on this mask? By pre-ordering the collector’s edition for Dishonored 2 which includes a 1:1 scale replica that you can shove onto your face.

Alternatively, you could make it yourself. 3D files for the mask are easy enough to find. Intentional 3D has a lovely free download of the mask available from the first game, while you can also construct the mask from scratch using Pepakura methods.

Remember, the mask needs to have a worn look. Paint it silver, throw some scratches in and work some back acrylic paint into the final product to give it that dirty look. You’ll look like a royal assassin in no time at all.


For Corvo, 15 years on since the events of the first Dishonored game haven’t slowed him down too much. He’s still as dangerous as ever, bringing a bag of familiar tricks to any battlefield:

  • Blink – Corvo’s signature teleportation power is back, but this time more dynamic than ever before as he hops from point to point
  • Bend Time – Corvo doesn’t just stop time long enough for him to move unseen from locations, but later versions of this skill allow him to temporarily stop it entirely
  • Dark Vision – Just like Emily, Corvo can use a supernatural form of radar to place enemy movements and see just how much noise he is making as he peers through the veils of reality
  • Devouring Swarm – Karnaca may not have a rat plague like the first Dishonored game did, but Corvo can still summon a swarm of the pests to strip a man to the bone in a grisly manner
  • Possession – Corvo overpowers the will of a living creature, guiding and directing it in a way that he chooses to suit his ends. With further upgrades, Corvo can even extend this power to work on humans

Right, see those skills above? Read them, memorise them and live them. That’s your ticket to completely owning the cosplay.

Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2, the next chapter in the award-winning Dishonored saga by Arkane Studios, set to launch worldwide on November 11, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Anyone who pre-orders Dishonored 2 will be able to play the game a day early before the official worldwide release. This content is sponsored.

Last Updated: April 10, 2017

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