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There aren’t many people who can go toe to toe with the Batman, and there are even fewer still who can actually even defeat. Bane is one of those few who not only managed to trade blows with the caped crusader, but also accomplished the impossible. Meet the man who broke the bat.


Born to carry out the sentence of a crime that his father commited, Bane was sentenced to life inside the harsh prison of Santa Prisca when he was just a child. Peña Duro already had a reputation of being the harshest prison ever constructed, and Bane was forced to watch his mother die when he was only six as she had been imprisoned with him.

Despite all this, Bane was a natural genius, both mentally and physically, and soon found a way to survive among the dozens of killers and criminals inside the jail when he committed his first murder at the age of 8. Bane studied every book that he could find, and studied numerous martial arts from the murderers inside Peña Duro, developing his mind, body and soul in a manner that reflected the journey that Bruce Wayne took to become the Batman.


Eventually, Bane ascended the hierarchy of the prison as his skills and notoriety grew, eventually becoming the king of Peña Duro. Afraid, the wardens of Peña Duro subjected Bane to experimental drug tests, using Bane as a test subject for Venom.

Barely surviving, Bane found that he now had increased strength, stamina and intellect. However, Bane discovered that unless he took a dose of Venom every 12 hours directly into his brain, he would suffer major withdrawal symptoms.

Bane would later escape Peña Duro, taking several inmates with him. Having heard tales if the mysterious Batman, and determined to prove himself, Bane set out for Gotham City…



Venom – A super steroid, Venom has the unfortunate side effect of killing almost anyone who uses the drug. Bane is one of the few people who can use Venom without it destroying him. Venom enhances Bane’s several of Bane’s natural abilities.


Using Venom, Bane’s already impressive physique is enhanced to near superhuman levels, making him strong enough to bend steel with his bare hands. Bane can lift up to two tons while under the influence of Venom, but overdosing on the steroid can push him to exceed the three ton limit.

Reflexes and speed

Bane’s reflexes are increased to peak human condition while under the influence of Venom, and he can actually even surpass the Dark Knight himself by a slight margin.

Bane can also run as fast as an Olympic athlete while using Venom, despite the monstrous increase in mass that the drug pumps into his body.


Venom also gives Bane enough stamina to fight for hours on end, effectively processing any harmful fatigues and toxins out of his body. As long as Bane has Venom flowing in his veins, he can fight for an indefinite period of time

Durability and Healing

While not indestructible, Bane can withstand far more damage than a normal human while hopped up on Venom, shrugging off small bullets, weapons and heavy impact from other metahumans.

If Bane has enough Venom pumping through him, he can also heal from what would normally be fatal wounds, poisons and diseases, although this process leaves him dangerously close to going berserk.

Equipment and Skills


Genius Intellect – Despite being brought up in a prison, Bane possesses an intellect that rivals that of the Batman himself. More an instinctual animal cunning than the honed and dedicated intellect that the Batman possesses, Bane is still a dangerous tactician.

Bane also possesses a photographic memory, which he used to study various disciplines, languages and sciences, putting him on par with the Dark Knight himself.

Combat – Bane studied several martial arts while in prison and beyond his escape, and while he did not master them to the same level as Batman, his augmentation while under the effects of Venom allows him to match the best martial artists in the DC universe, while also allowing him to trade blows with metahuman opponents.

Escapology – Much like Batman and his protégés, Bane is a master at escaping out of tight spots, using those skills to escape his prison home and infiltrate other maximum security areas.

Essential Reading



Bane had debuted in earlier issues of Batman, but Knightfall was where all the chess pieces had fallen into place. Orchestrating a massive prison break from Arkham Asylum, Bane steadily wore the Dark Knight down before he finally made his move. In a mammoth fight inside the bat-cave, Bane defeated the Batman, breaking his back and claiming Gotham for his new criminal empire.

Tabula Rasa


Bane never knew his father, but in Tabula Rasa, he proves to the Batman that they may in fact be blood brothers. More shocking than a Jerry Lewis episode, and faced with overwhelming evidence linking Thomas Wayne to Bane, the Batman sets out to get to the bottom of this mystery and possibly redeeming Bane in the process.

Veritas Liberat


After a decade of Bane being linked to the Wayne family, Veritas Liberat finally put to rest the lineage of the man who broke the bat. Caught up in another plot, Bane sets out to discover who he really is once and for all, skirting a narrow line between hero and villain along the way.


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  2. John's digital rights

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    Better Bane than TDKR Sean Connery.
    Looking awesome.


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    I also use Venom like Bane. Only we call it Klippies and Cola.


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    So, are Batman and Bane related?


    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

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      I don’t want to spoil it for everyone else. But Wikipedia will answer that for you 😀


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    TDKR best bane.


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    Awesome article! Great to read! Just one little nitpick I have, and don’t hate me for it… But you say his strength is near superhuman when using venom, and yet he can bend steel. Surely that is superhuman? I know, I know, nitpicking! Sorry!


    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      October 18, 2013 at 17:47

      It’s actually a good nitpick. It’s down to the writer mostly, and how you class the strength levels in those comics. Most of the time, Bane pumps up to insane levels, other times he strong enough to tickle Superman.

      It varies quite widely, depending on the comics.


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