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In Batman: Arkham Origins, the Dark Knight will be taking on several of the deadliest assassins in the world, all eager to claim the $50 million on his cowl. And out of all of them, Deathstroke may be the most dangerous. Here’s everything that you need to know about the terminator.

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Lying about his age, Slade Wilson entered the military at the age of 16, quickly ascending through the ranks with his natural talent to become one of the best soldiers alive. Trained in new combat techniques by his future wife Adeline Kane, Slade mastered any martial art he studied and became the go to soldier for operations that required anything from guerrilla tactics to all out blitzkriegs.

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Volunteering for a medical experiment that would grant him a resistance to truth serums in case he was ever captured, Slade almost died, slipping into a coma that he only awakened from months later. Finally pulling through, Slade was discharged from the army, but found out that the serum had enhanced his physical capabilities.

Without the army, Slade found himself with no outlet for his more violent tendencies, turning to hunting to help alleviate some of his depression. However, Slade used this time to make new contacts, and seek work across the globe as a bounty hunter, in missions that would eventually have repercussions for him and his family.

When his son Josef was kidnapped by rival mercenary the Jackal, Slade was forced to reveal his identity of Deathstroke the Terminator to his wife, and almost failed to rescue his son, leaving Josef with a slit throat in the process that cost him his voice.

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An outraged Adeline attempted to murder her husband, but somehow Wilson survived taking a bullet to the face, losing only his right eye in the process. This would later reflect in Slade’s arrogant attitude, when he made it clear to his enemies that he was missing a peeper.

And from there, Deathstroke would clash with various heroes for years to come…


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Already a genius on the battlefield, Slade Wilson was trained in various unarmed and armed combat styles, mastering them all. After the procedure to augment his adrenal gland almost killed him, Wilson became endowed with the following powers:

Enhanced physiology – Wilson is in peak physical condition, bordering on superhuman. Wilson can run up to 30 mph, can fight far longer than a normal human without becoming fatigued and is around ten times stronger than the average man.

Enhanced reflexes – Thanks to the serum, Wilson is able to react far faster than a normal human being, allowing to dodge bullets and other projectiles, and even to move fast enough to outfight the Flash.

Enhanced senses – All five of Wilson’s senses have been enhanced, giving him superb tracking abilties.

Enhanced Intellect – Wilson’s most dangerous ability, this allows him to use 90% of his brain capacity at any time, giving him superhuman problem-solving skills and information gathering at breakneck speeds. Combined with his military training and experience, this makes Wilson able to outthink his foes during even the most heated battles.

Healing factor – Deathstroke can absorb a massive amount of damage that would kill an ordinary human, but even this has limits. When Adeline shot him in the face, Wilson was unable to regenerate a new eye for instance. But otherwise, you’re going to need a big gun if you want to put Deathstroke down for good.

Deathstroke’s healing factor also gives him a much slower rate of aging and a natural immunity to poisons.

Equipment and skills

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Skilled in all manner of combat, Deathstroke is a walking arsenal, carrying guns, explosives, swords and a power staff into battle.

So great is his skill, that not only is he capable of fighting the Batman to a standstill, but he’s actually beaten him several times in the past.

Essential Reading

Identity Crisis #3

Deathstroke (18)Deathstroke (15)Deathstroke (21)Deathstroke (22)Deathstroke (23)Deathstroke (24)Deathstroke (26)Deathstroke (25)

Proving just how formidable he is, Deathstroke accepts a contract to bodyguard Dr Light. Eventually, a Justice League team consisting of Green Lantern, The Flash, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hawkman, the Atom and Zatanna track him down.

And that’s when Deathstroke proves just how lethal is, systematically taking the JL down one by one with an inventive array of counter-measures. The Atom gets bounced around with a laser pointer. Zatanna takes a punch to the right organs and spends the rest of the match puking out magic.

Even though he loses to superior numbers in the end, it’s one fight that shows off just how dangerous Deathstroke can be…when the price is right.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract


Finally fulfilling his vow to take down the team of young heroes, Deathstroke activates his sleeper agent inside the team, taking down the team systematically. Former Batman sidekick Nightwing is the only member to escape Deathstroke, as readers get to learn the true origin of the world’s most dangerous assassin.

Deathstroke: The Hunted


Deathstroke may be a killer, but he does have a code of honour. Framed for the murder of a US senator that he didn’t commit, Deathstroke sets out to clear his name of at least one crime, while being hunted down by the entire pantheon of DC heroes.

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