Settlers of Catan: Chocolate Edition is the most delicious boardgame imaginable

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Have you ever looked at your boardgame pieces and thought to yourself, “I wish I could eat those”? No? Just me? Okay then. Well in answer to my really weird wish, Settlers of Catan is about to get a lot more delicious.

Catan: Chocolate Edition is an abridged version of the classic game. You’ll harvest resources like wool, brick, lumber, grain, and ore, all of which you can trade with your opponents. You’ll then use those resources to build roads, settlements, and knights. Nothing new so far.

Here’s the gimmick though, the game pieces are 32 chocolate bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate. Shaped as the knights, cities, settlements and roads, these chocolate pieces are obviously 100% edible, and no doubt absolutely delicious. Catan: Chocolate Edition comes with everything you need to play and, in addition to the chocolate, the game comes with a set of resource cards and simplified game rules.

To determine resources, players will use a spinner instead of the dice. In order to build, you’ll pay the usual resource combinations, but this time you place the chocolate bars in front of you. As normal, the larger your empire, the more victory points you earn, and the first player to reach 5 victory points wins. But it certainly pays to play expertly, because at the end of the game each player gets to eat their settlements.

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There’s no word on local availability yet, but if our distributors will be shipping it in, I know exactly what I want for Christmas. And Easter. And my birthday. And any other special occasion I can think of!

Last Updated: November 7, 2017

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