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These Magic Puzzles are a game, story and puzzle all-in-one

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Why do one thing you can enjoy when you can do three? I enjoy building puzzles, love great gaming sessions and can easily get lost in a great story. And soon you may be able to do all three, at the same time, as a new Kickstarter, by the Magic Puzzle Company is promising just that.

The company has so far revealed plans for three of these, so-called Magic Puzzles, that will all feature very distinct designs, stories and even puzzles – each with a different theme. One being tropical, another around beach life and one set in space. However, as they reveal, there is more to the artwork than it just being a pretty picture as it adds a large part to the whole experience:

[T]he art is super important, but very few people are doing new things with puzzle art. We felt we could enhance that feeling for people with the right art details to make the puzzle stimulating to solve.

Each magic puzzle is designed to tell a story, not with words, but with visuals. The story is supposed to progress as you add more pieces of the puzzle. There are also little Easter eggs in each story that are supposed to uncover as you continue assembling the puzzle. The Kickstarter project also mentions there is a “magical twist ending” — the creators don’t say exactly what it is. Hopefully, it’s not that you have been suckered out of all your money.

The Magic Puzzle Company says there is particular attention to detail throughout these puzzles claiming it uses thicker cardboard than most puzzles, sifts the puzzle pieces to remove “puzzle dust,” and includes Velcro and string-tie bags to seal everything back up.

Sounds like fun and at just $20 (R360) plus taxes and shipping it’s not a bad way to spend your money if it can provide many hours of entertainment and hopefully reuse – something which puzzles can’t often provide.

Last Updated: May 8, 2020