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7 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps & Tools for Android and iPhone

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps in the world, and it has millions of users. It is a free and quick way to text or call someone in a matter of seconds. All conversations are intended to be private, but there are ways for you to spy on WhatsApp messages of a target person without them knowing. Click here to learn more.

Technology has evolved so much in recent years, so it seems like everything is at our disposal right now, even spy apps for WhatsApp. Let’s dive deeper into which apps are the very best in this sector.

Best WhatsApp Spy Tools for Android and iPhone

The full list of WhatsApp spy apps that you can use to follow any phone number can be found below.

1. uMobix

The first WhatsApp spying app that we want to mention is uMobix. It is arguably the most used app to monitor WhatsApp chats. uMobix allows you to fully monitor someone’s WhatsApp calls and text messages.

You will be able to check the names of all people from the person’s contact list, and this app might be good for following your child’s activity. Thus, you can make sure that the kid is engaged in safe conversations.

Img Source – uMobix

You will have access to all media the child exchanges on the app thanks to this WhatsApp tracker. Additionally, this app provides tracking features, and you can see whether your child sends locations to someone you don’t want to. By using this app, you can prevent your child from facing cyberbullying and other digital dangers.

When visiting the uMobix website, you will see that the process of setting up the device to be tracked is not complicated. Should you have any additional problems or queries regarding this WhatsApp spy app, you can get in touch with the uMobix support team via live chat.

2. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a specially designed tool to spy on WhatsApp and other social media messengers. Thanks to this spy app, you can access any Android or iOS target device. You can check all texts, as well as multimedia your spouse shares or receives, and have total information on their phone activity.

Moreover, this spy software goes far beyond checking everything on someone’s WhatsApp. Thanks to the special and advanced technologies SpyBubble uses, you can also have a full record of any WhatsApp conversation that was deleted.

Img Source – SpyBubble

Someone may think that deleting a certain conversation can keep them safe, but you can access it on the target device, thanks to SpyBubble. The control panel of the spy app allows you to do just that, and it can be completed quite easily. With SpyBubble, you can choose any convenient way to monitor information on the target phone, and you are good to go. 

This cell phone tracking app is so well advanced that it can give you total control over someone’s WhatsApp activity or anything else connected to that person’s private social media accounts.

3. Cocospy

Cracking a WhatsApp chat is not quite easy. However, thanks to advanced spy apps like Cocospy, that process seems much easier than it actually is.

Firstly, this spy app is very easy to install, no matter the phone you are using, whether it is an iOS or an Android device. There is no root or jailbreak needed, so anyone can do it without any hassle.

Once you install it, this app will allow you to view WhatsApp conversations as well as every single detail from the target device. You will get that information directly to your Cocospy browser dashboard and will be able to read all sent, received, and even deleted WhatsApp chat information.

Img Source – Cocospy

Moreover, all data you receive will come attached with timestamps. This means that you will have more detailed information about anyone’s WhatsApp activity. Apart from monitoring WhatsApp conversations, you will be able to view images and videos, as well as listen to audio or any voice messages sent or received on the chosen target device.

4. Hoverwatch

Our child’s safety is of the utmost importance to all of us. So, this would make it normal to take all necessary measures to make sure our young ones are completely safe. The emergence and the evolution of the internet paved the way for many unpleasant digital harassments, and unfortunately, young people are often victims of that all.

Hoverwatch is a free WhatsApp spying app known to be the best parental monitoring software for Android and iOS devices.

When it comes to WhatsApp spy apps, Hoverwatch is one of the most sophisticated tools around. It is quite easy to use, and you can also find online a live demo, so you are better prepared when you decide to use it for good.

Img Source – Hoverwatch

This WhatsApp spy app comes with more than 40 features that will help you track all activities on the target device via the comprehensive dashboard in real-time. Apart from being a WhatsApp monitoring tool, Hoverwatch can track all internet activity on the target device as well.

You can view the internet history, as well as check the time and date of when a site was last visited. Probably the most interesting feature of Hoverwatch is the front camera photo capture, and it means that every time the user unlocks the screen, the app will take a photo of the user.


Sometimes, a person will feel safe if they delete the WhatsApp conversation they wanted to hide. However, new spy apps allow users to read WhatsApp messages that have been deleted. In that line, XNSPY is known to be the best spy app for monitoring all deleted conversations on WhatsApp.

Img Source – XNSPY

It features a very sophisticated WhatsApp spy feature that will allow you to track your partner’s or your child’s entire activity on the app on any Android or iOS device. XNSPY has several functions that are worth mentioning.

Firstly, you can have a full overview of every chat on WhatsApp by viewing the date and the time of the message. Second, you have full access to all incoming or outcoming calls from that device, as well as seeing the images and all media sent or received.

All you need to do is download this WhatsApp spy app, and you are good to go to start spying without problems.

6. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another sophisticated spying app that lets you have total control over a target device’s online and offline activities.

It is known to be one of the most feature-rich software in the market at the moment. The app allows you to monitor calls, see text and social media messages, turn on the camera on a target phone, and so on.

It also comes as a location tracking app so that you can have total control over someone’s activities on their device. One of the most commonly used features of FlexiSPY is the call tracking feature, as you will be able to listen in to the target device’s phone conversations, as well as record them all.

Img Source – FlexiSPY

Additionally, if you suspect that your significant other uses social media to hide something, then you can have a total overview of their conversations on WhatsApp remotely. You can view conversations, shared images, media, and so on.

Also, you can use the ambient recording feature FlexiSPY provides, and it means that you can activate the device’s microphone even when not in use, so you can listen to and record the ambient surroundings. The best news is that all these features come in stealth mode, so the person you target won’t even be aware that you record their online and offline interactions.

7. Spyic

We finish this list with another reputable spy app. Just like the others in this list, Spyic gives you total control over WhatsApp or other social media activities of the person you wish to monitor.

Thanks to Spyic, you will be able to monitor all applications, locations, and user activity on a target device. You can do so from any web browser and gain benefits from plenty of useful features, which, by the way, are more than 50 on offer.

Img Source – Spyic

It doesn’t mean that you will only want to control your spouse’s WhatsApp activity. Spyic has ideal features for you to use for monitoring your kid’s internet activity – whether they communicate with people they don’t need to, whether they made it to school in time, where are they at the moment, and so on.

You can see your child’s entire WhatsApp activity, so you know better their friends and their world.

Apart from these private spying app features, Spyic gives you the chance to silently monitor your employees, so you make the whole company or sector much better. You will be able to see where your employees are at the moment, what they are doing, and what they are saying.

Spyic is ideal for spying on business phones, so you can protect your intellectual property. The whole installation process is very simple, and you only need to follow three general steps.

First, sign up for your free online account and read the privacy policy in place. After you have done that, connect your target device, and you are good to go – you can start tracking that device remotely on your control panel.


SpyX tracker is the most powerful Android & iOS WhatsApp spy phone tracker . It is also the only phone tracker that allows you to monitor WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business activities. Not only that, SpyX also has the most connection solutions among all monitoring apps. It is the only brand that allows Android device users to use cloud solutions to connect to target devices like iOS users. Greatly improves the convenience of user connection.

Using SpyX, you can view all the information on the targeted WhatsApp account without the person being monitored (children, loved ones, or even employees) knowing: including the name of the chat person, the latest, past, and even deleted chat content, photos, videos and audio exchanges.

Furthermore, it also allows monitoring of more than 40 apps such as Calls, SMS, Messenger, LINE, and Location. Locate the location of the target device in real-time to ensure the safety of the monitored person. View all the data of the target device anytime and anywhere. For parents, they can keep abreast of their children’s Internet status, create a healthy Internet environment for their children, and prevent their children from being too addicted to the Internet. Applying SpyX to business can effectively improve employee productivity and ensure company data security.

In addition to what content a software can monitor, what is more important is its privacy and security. SpyX works in completely secret mode, no icon will appear on the target device, and the transmitted data is encrypted. Let users’ privacy be more protected and use with more peace of mind.

What Are the Best Android Spy Apps for WhatsApp Chats?

Technology advances with each passing day, along with safety and security being the number one priority in the online world, reports FoxNews. As you would expect, there are tons of WhatsApp spying apps out there in the market, but not each of them is truly reliable.

We have done comprehensive research on the best WhatsApp spying apps, so whether you want to save your child from cyberbullying or see whether your spouse is cheating, the apps mentioned in this article are some of the best in the business to solve your problem.

The even better news is that you can see all WhatsApp activity on someone’s phone in a matter of seconds, so you will immediately find what you are looking for.

Last Updated: January 8, 2024

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