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A Preparation Guide for AZ-900 Exam Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

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People usually begin their Microsoft Azure Journey by preparing for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals examination, says TechTarget. This write-up will give you all the tips and tricks you need to pass the exam with flying colors. This is to help you through your preparation. You will quickly achieve your goal when your strategies are right.  

AZ-900 Exam Description

Every candidate appearing in this examination must have foundational knowledge regarding cloud services. You should know how exactly cloud services are provided along with Microsoft Azure. This examination allows you to show your understanding of core Azure services, SLA and lifecycle, privacy, trust, compliance, cloud security, and various cloud concepts.

This exam is perfect if you want to work with cloud-based solutions and services. You have to demonstrate fundamental knowledge as well as many other Azure services. Additionally, you must be familiar with networking, computing, storage, and application development concepts.  

How much time does the exam preparation require?    

Despite being an entry-level, this AZ-900T01 exam has become popular over the years, according to ExamSnap. You need to put in sufficient time in your examination. This exam covers four major areas:  

● Cloud Concepts (15-20 % of the questions are asked from here.) 

● Core Azure Concepts (30-35% of the questions are asked from here.)

● Compliance, security, privacy, and trust (25%-30% of the questions are asked from here.)

● Lifecycle and Azure Pricing Level Agreements. (20-25% of the questions are asked from here.)

From the given percentages, we get an indication of how this examination is broken out. The above data implies that you can expect 30-35% of the questions on Azure core services. Considering this, there can be multiple preparation strategies. You can take up a training course and read various weekly study materials. 

Exam Preparation Strategy

Here’s one of the few strategies you must opt to excel in the AZ-900T01 exam-  

● Go through the entire course curriculum and create a study plan. 

● Take up courses, articles, and other relevant study materials. Choose the best azure fundamentals course in the market. Also, make sure to enroll yourself in azure fundamentals training

● Take the help of a mentor if required. You can also join various study groups to gain knowledge from all the shared resources.

● You can find free Microsoft modules for AZ-900 online that will help you understand all the concepts and clear the exam.

● Commit to the process, work hard to achieve your goal, and do not give up easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students have a lot of doubts in their minds when they start preparing for the AZ-900 examination. Some frequently asked questions regarding the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals examination are mentioned here.

1. What is the difficulty level of the AZ-900 examination? 

Although it is a fundamental exam, cracking this examination is not a piece of cake. However many students clear this examination on their first attempt, but others may also take a couple of tries to pass it. All you have to do is not give up. The key is consistent smart work.

2. What are the passing marks for the AZ-900 test?  

The total mark of any Microsoft Certification exam is 1000. You need 700 or above to pass the AZ-900 examination to achieve your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Badge.

3. How many questions do they ask in this test?

The number of questions does vary, but as per the general guidelines, you can expect around 30-50 questions.  

4. How to take the AZ-900 examination?

After you are done with your preparation, your test has to be scheduled online. You can also take up this examination in the respective centers. You can get all the details from the official website.

5. Is this Microsoft azure fundamentals examination even worth it? 

This exam is 100% worth it because it provides you with professional skills. This exam is essential if you plan to become an Azure architect or administrator.   


This was a complete guide regarding the Azure Fundamentals examination. In addition, consider preparation through a credible source. Make sure you take up the azure fundamentals training. This training will give you practical experience with various theoretical concepts. Lastly, all you need is a firm will and an indomitable spirit. With the help of the right mentors and study materials, you can easily achieve your target. 

Last Updated: December 27, 2023

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