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AMD expects PlayStation 4 and Xbox One successors in 2019

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I think, given the success of the current crop of consoles, that the chance we’ll be seeing a new generation of systems from Microsoft and Sony is pretty damned certain. Just two years in to the generation, and the respective platform holders have sold through a combined total of – at a rough estimate – 48 million consoles. That is, frankly, staggering.

That said, they’re already starting to show their inherent weaknesses. Compared to what even a decent mid-range PC is putting out, the output on consoles sometimes pales in comparison. It’s a strange and sad state of affairs, because traditionally, for a while at least, new consoles tend to do things most PCs of the time couldn’t dream of doing. So when, then, might one expect these shiny new consoles, these brand new boxes stuffed with technology that’ll beam 4K/120FPS magic directly in to your eyeballs?

According to AMD, the folks currently supplying the APUs that power the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, expect them around 2019. Next year, they say, is when we’ll be in the middle of the console generation.

“Yeah I think the launch of these products happened in 20 — late 2013. So if you count 2013 by ’13, ’14, ’15 we are about to enter ’16. If you go to the past years and look at — if you say it’s a seven year cycle then ’16 is kind of right in the middle there,” says  AMD’s CTO Devinder Kumar at the The Raymond James Technology Conference (as transcribed by Seeking Alpha).

They also expect that next year we’ll see the current consoles really boom, starting to hit that mass market.

“ And the thing to remember is based on the information that has been provided let’s take the PlayStation game consoles, the ramp of this product and the performance of this and from an overall standpoint is the best compared to any prior generation of PlayStation, right?

So that’s obviously very helpful from a viewpoint of the ramp in the product happening and we see from where we sit right now the strength continuing into 2016 and that’s why I said earlier that we expect the units overall in the current generation of game consoles being higher in ’16 than in ’15.”

I’m not quite ready for a new generation of consoles, personally, but I definitely think we’re going to want something newer and shiny towards the tail end of 2017 – especially as we stare wistfully at the rapid pace at which PC graphics keep developing.

Last Updated: December 11, 2015

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