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Apple launches its new AirTag device finder

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Apple Spring showcase last night proved that if you don’t have any big announcements on new products, it’s best to just double down on what you do best and bring out loads of iPads in every colour imaginable. Despite the majority of Apple’s reveal focusing on its industry-leading tablet, there was a new product shown off: The AirTag. Which came with a variety of strange emoji logos for added personalisation.

While not as revolutionary as Apple’s other big new product reveals, the AirTag essentially serves as an item tracker for various devices that will work with the company’s products and services. Perhaps most useful for items like keys and wallets, which is what we end up spending most of our time looking for, the Apple AirTag is a small device that is connected to that important item that can then be easily located through a person’s Apple device, saving them valuable minutes when they are late to head into the office.

The AirTag might be understandably small, but Apple has managed to sneak in a speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth LE, and a user-replaceable battery. The first three will ultimately aid in your ability to find the items that you are looking for while the latter will help you easily breathe new life into what Apple claims is about 1 year’s worth of battery life, though that too depends on how frequently you use it.

The new AirTag will launch in the US at a cost of $99 for a four-pack of these devices, though perhaps the other lucrative thing that Apple will push with them is the variety of keychain accessories that come with it, continuing Apple’s emphasis on bright and bold colours that were reflected in this year’s iPad design.  

It’s an unusual space for Apple to play in, though considering similar devices like the ones from Tile that have been doing quite well on the market, an obvious market for the company to venture into. Apple is looking to expand into new revenue streams and this may be a fairly safe new product for the company to try out.

Last Updated: April 21, 2021

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