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Apple’s new update stops MacBooks from damaging third-party dongles

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Apple has always tried to be a company that keeps a closed ecosystem, with hardware and software that works well together, but only if it’s Apple and tries to generally prevent users from using other third-party hardware with their devices.

This decision has given them a strong handle on their own quality and one of the reasons why Apple has a very good reputation in that regard. However, its closed ecosystem does often cause problems with certain third-party hardware which then has a knock-on impact on that quality control. This has happened recently with some of the latest Macbooks being damaged when connected to third-party USB-C hubs and docks, (as was detailed in MacRumours). Yes, that’s right, Apple’s laptops were so elitist, that they literally died in disgust at having to work with peasant-level hubs and docks. The outrage.

Rather than forcing their clients to just buy the expensive first-party stuff, Apple has decided to fix the problem instead and make their laptops play more nicely with these third-party devices. How nice of them. Apple is rolling out the new update to all Macs which will fix this issue, along with providing a few minor performance and security updates in the process.

It’s not a problem common to Apple though as Microsoft also runs into these problems from time to time. Especially considering the growing number of different third-party manufacturers out there. The only difference is that Microsoft is perhaps just used to it and makes these sorts of updates on a regular basis, whereas for Apple, this is a less frequent thing. While they would perhaps ideally like to stay in a closed ecosystem as much as possible, in this big tech world, it not really feasible.

Last Updated: March 1, 2021

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