Are more celebrity games incoming?

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Celebrity power

We have had a lot of laughs at the Kim Kardashian game. Ever since we first reported on it, we looked at how much cash it would make, and even forced poor Matthew to review it. Now it seems that there may be some more similar games on the horizon.

The awesome people of Super Data have released their report for September. They’re reporting that since the game’s launch in June, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has generated a cumulative $51 million in revenues. Glu Mobile is now expanding the title to Facebook.

Hoping to maximize its appeal to a female gamer demographic, the company also extended its licensing agreement, including Ms. Kardashian West’s continued support in promoting the game via both social media channels and real-life appearances. The title’s success is expected to trigger a run on celebrity-based mobile and social games. So far, publishers like Zynga have been aggressively licensing slots games that feature well-known television series and films, like Sex and the City and Terminator. Instead of this blanketed approach, however, a targeted strategy and support of a single celebrity is proving highly effective. As the mobile games market begins to saturate, marketing costs have increased. Celebrities play an increasingly important role in terms of both driving marketing and monetization for mobile games, and we expect more celebrities to lend their name and social media prowess to mobile titles in the foreseeable future.

I suppose it makes sense – celebrities have done major brand endorsements for cash, why not do the same for mobile games? It’s an easy source of revenue for them, and their names can sell just about anything. I’d happily download a random Fight Club game, not that I could talk about it, if Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman or Edward Norton actually did some work on it. Or how about a Cooking Mama spinoff game combined with Iron Chef? Now that would be a ridiculous amount of fun, and I might just spend real money on it. Of course, my tower defense addiction would be best suited to a Liam Neeson game where you built turrets to protect your family from random foreigners who are after your loved ones.

Of course, we’re probably looking at more reality stars and people who irritate me making mobile games. But we can still dream, right? Who would you like to see in a mobile game?

Last Updated: October 20, 2014

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