Home Technology Blu-ray maintains 2-to-1 sales lead over HD-DVD, if barely.

Blu-ray maintains 2-to-1 sales lead over HD-DVD, if barely.

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We last saw official numbers for Blu-ray / HD DVD disc sales in August, and for those wondering what a month or so would do to the race, we’ve got extraordinarily uneventful news. According to Home Media Research, sales of Blu-ray titles from January 1st to September 30th of this year now total 2.6-million units, while the HD DVD camp has moved some 1.4-million flicks in the same period. Granted, HD DVD has managed to close the gap somewhat, and analysts are expecting the impressive sales of Transformers (among other notable Q4 releases) to narrow the margin further by the year’s end. ‘Course, we’re no closer now to settling this whole format war than we were this summer, but it’s always enjoyable to pick apart the statistics, no?

My question in this article is how is a difference of 1.2 million units barely? If they are talking about the ratio then yes, otherwise some people are seriously wacky.

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Last Updated: October 24, 2007

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