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Blu-Rays less than brilliant idea

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After taking a much needed sabbatical from writing about the idiotic Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD war I’m back and as confused as ever thanks to Doobiwan’s tip off.

The Blu-Ray group has come up with an absolutely brilliant idea to stop piracy off there movies, now anyone who knows me knows that I am very vocal about piracy and it really does annoy me intensely. However I wouldn’t blame anyone for hacking the firmware of their Blu-Ray players after this idiotic move from the Blu-Ray group. I don’t quite understand it all (because they cannot be this dumb) but here goes.

BD+ is an extra layer of copy protection. With it, Sony should be able to change the keys used to unlock it. In short, this means that if a BD+ disc is hacked and copied, Sony can change the keys that secure future discs from being copied.

That’s all good and well until you realise that for your Blu-Ray players to now be able to play the movies with this new code they will need a firmware update.  Now I don’t know about you but the vast majority of people I know don’t have a broadband connection in their lounge to update the DVD player, nor are they going to be remotely happy about having to cut a CD from their computer and loading it that way.

But I think once again I must be missing it because how on earth does this help to stop piracy when the people who buy pirated movies can just update their players as well? Or is this only around to protect the discs?

What if you manufacturer doesn’t make a firmware update available for you Blu-Ray player?

The scary thing is that this has already been implemented and as of the time of writing the Samsung players cannot play the latest Fantastic Four movie. It’s not like Samsung are the smallest manufacturers in the world either.

This doesn’t seem to have any effect on the PS3’s Blu-Ray playback ability though, I guess it received a Blu-Ray firmware update in one of the recent patches?

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Last Updated: October 4, 2007

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