Could the next Resident Evil be a VR game?

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The scariest thing about Resident Evil games for the past few years is how bad they’ve been. Yes, sure, Revelations and its sequel did a lot to take the series back to its survival horror, adventure roots – but even those are too focused on action. Resident Evil could, however, become genuinely scary again – because there’s a possibility that it could be a Virtual Reality game.

Capcom’s Development Division 1, which heads up Resident Evil as a series has become almost wholly focused on Virtual Reality. In a company summary (via GI.Biz) it looks like Capcom’s Development Division 1 believes that VR is the future.

“At present, we are focusing our energy on challenging the virtual reality (VR) game market,” the company’s Development Division 1 summary says. “In this terrifying world, you can twist and turn as you like, but there’s no escaping the creatures closing in on you…until you remove your VR headset and return to reality, that is. We delivered this very experienced [sic] with our ‘Kitchen’ VR technical demo at E3 2015.

The response was excellent. Currently, we are building a new game development engine able to support VR, which is the hottest market right now, while simultaneously developing titles for current game consoles. We have just set sail on our latest voyage.”

And it could work. By all accounts, Capcom’s “Kitchen” VR demo for the PlayStation VR was an incredible experience – and a sort of shorter burst, episodic Resident Evil game in VR could be a terrible immersive, awfully frightening experience. Almost as frightening as the cost of a VR set up.

Why would Capcom do this? It’s all about going beyond expectations.

“The point is to be able to develop something that is a half-step ahead of user expectations-expectations which aren’t readily apparent in the marketing data. To achieve this, we create teams that band tightly together while making use of each member’s individual skills. As we are setting out into unexplored territory there are plenty of obstacles to overcome, but we do this together and enjoy the adventure; in this sense, we have to create a team similar to a band of pirates.”

Last Updated: October 14, 2015

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