DirectX 12 will allow developers to squeeze more out of the Xbox One

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Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API is coming to supercharge your Pc at the end of next month, alongside its new, more refined operating system. The API is also making its way to Microsoft’s own console but there’s a great big debate over how much of a difference it’ll make to a system that already gives developers low level access to its hardware. According to Epic Games, it’ll be big – especially when combined with their Unreal Engine, of course.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Epic Games’ Ray Davis told the site how the low level API will make games look better on PC.

“The most intriguing aspect of DirectX 12 to me is the notion that it’s a concerted effort to remove as much cruft from between the developer and the hardware itself, which means out of the box we’re able to immediately do more for free, essentially,” Ray said to GamingBolt. “Microsoft has done a great job with the updates, and it’s also worth mentioning that they’ve been a great partner in soliciting feedback from the developers to help guide the future design. Hopefully we’ll see the official launch soon so players can start seeing the benefits firsthand!”

But what benefits might it – and Epic’s Engine – bring to the Xbox One?

“Unreal Engine 4 already does a great job of showcasing what the Xbox One is capable of and with the advent of DirectX 12 we’re excited to see developers squeezing even more out of the hardware. Several internal Microsoft teams are using UE4 for games development so it’s made it incredibly easy to closely partner with them and to ensure that Unreal Engine is a great development tool for the broader Microsoft ecosystem.”

This all sounds like PR twaddle for now, but we’re likely to see just how much difference it’ll make next week at E3. Maybe.

Last Updated: June 11, 2015

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