A DJ Hero turntable sure makes playing Overwatch’s Lúcio a lot more entertaining

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A DJ Hero turntable sure makes playing Overwatch’s Lúcio a lot more entertaining herader

For as long as gaming has been around, there have been people who play them in unconventional ways because REASONS. Take Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin for example. Back in 2014, he went ahead and beat Dark Souls – one of the hardest games in recent years – with a Rock Band Controller.

Blizzard’s shooter Overwatch isn’t nearly as difficult as the RPG from FromSoftware. I must admit though that playing it with a DJ Hero turntable sounds mighty challenging.

Youtuber WhyBeAre has done just that, and to tie his peripheral of choice directly into the game, he has demonstrated this mighty feat with the shooter’s very own music meister, Lúcio (via PCGamesN). OH LET’S BREAK IT DOWN!

One of those dumb ideas based on the classic video of using a racing wheel in Counter Strike. If I can get a six stack of people who won’t care I’ll suck maybe I could try it online.

Using the DJ Hero turntable as a controller seems very smart  – it almost looks intuitive. Moving the left table for example moves Lúcio forwards or backwards, while spinning the right one controls the direction he is facing, kind of like the thumb sticks on a controller (but not really). The coolest thing by far in this setup however is the crossfade between the speed and heal buffs. The peripheral is set up to mimic that exactly.

The DJ Hero turntable controller does have some drawbacks unfortunately. There is absolutely no way to look up or down, jump, or even strafe. Thankfully, Lúcio isn’t the most demanding of heroes. Merely being present in a team gets his job done.

This whole thing has got me thinking though; what other peripherals could we use in Overwatch that ties to certain characters? A Wii Motion Plus for Genji? A light gun for Soldier: 76? How about a fridge for Mei? Brb giving that a bash!

Last Updated: September 19, 2016

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