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Epik CEO Brian Royce Calls Epik Customer John Rampton an “Asshole” in Text Message with Rob Monster

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Further heat was put on Epik CEO Brian Royce today, after it was revealed that he called Epik client John Rampton an “asshole” to former Epik CEO Rob Monster, for Rampton’s persistence in trying to get his $400,000 worth of Escrow funds back from Epik.

John Rampton, who has over 1.2 million Twitter followers, completed an Escrow deal with a buyer on the 2nd September 2022, and couldn’t withdraw his Epik Escrow funds to his bank account. His funds were reportedly comingled into general spending at Epik and were “not available” to withdraw. He was subsequently repaid in late October, but only after putting a lot of pressure on Brian Royce, and Rob Monster, as well as pursuing legal avenues. It appears John Rampton is one of the lucky ones to be repaid, as some Epik clients like Kathleen Kalaf are owed $100,000, and DomainEmpire.com owed an eye watering $1.5 million (see here).

In the text between Brian Royce and Rob Monster, Royce sent Monster a screenshot of John Rampton’s TrustPilot review, detailing how he was owed $400,000 from Epik. Rob Monster replied saying he was aware of Rampton’s Trustpilot review, and Monster shrugged it off by saying “defamatory stuff in there but whatever” – which is certainly a worrying attitude to exhibit when an Epik Escrow client had his Escrow proceeds spent against his wishes by Epik.

To wrap up the brief exchange, the new Epik CEO Brian Royce said to Rob Monster that he was “very upset he posted” his review, and ended the text message by calling John Rampton an “asshole”.

When questioned about whether he called John Rampton an “asshole”, Epik CEO Brian Royce said “It is false”. He was then shown the image in question with the derogatory comment made, and failed to respond.

Epik still owe millions of dollars to its clients, with little sign that this money is being repaid.

Last Updated: July 21, 2023

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