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Experience a blast from the past with the VHS Vault

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Nothing makes you realise exactly how far technology has advanced until you take a look back at some of the hardware of the past and then wonder how we ever put up with it in the first place. While we’re constantly looking for the next best thing with 8K technology and above, we often forget that just a short while ago the thought of getting anything to match just a fraction of 4K was almost impossible and that what we define as High Definition viewing was the stuff of science fiction.

The Wayback Machine is looking to remind us all of just how rose-tinted our nostalgia often is by taking us back to the 1990s and the hey-day of the VHS cassette to show us exactly how bad the technology actually was. The company has created a VHS Vault (first reported by The Verge), where they have more than 20 000 recordings for you to view that showcase content in the good old technology format of the VHS cassette. And yes, this was cutting edge technology back then:

Yeah, the 90s don’t look so great anymore, do they? It’s not just the poor resolution and content quality but even some of the pop culture references that simply haven’t aged quite well. It’s great that our history is being preserved and that we’ll get to be able to see exactly how far we have come as a species, but it’s also incredibly scary at just how old we are at the same time.

If you are keen for a blast from the past and want to feed your nostalgia, I would definitely encourage you to peruse their content and experience the pleasures of content you grew up while crying at just how old you are.

Last Updated: March 2, 2020

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