Gigabyte’s GTX 880 G1 releasing early October

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GeForce GTX 780
It’s been very quiet on Nvidia’s GPU front for a while now. Manufacturers have been coming up with all sorts of ways to resell the 700-series chips while Nvidia tinkers away with their next big release. Maxwell is set to hit desktops later this year, and Gigabyte already have a name (and release window) for theirs.
The GTX 880 might not immediately replace the GTX 780Ti, but it could be the flagship Maxwell chip for this year. Nvidia is expected to reveal more details in the final day of Gamescom, with rumors suggesting an October release for the card. Gigabyte added credibility to these rumors in a recent interview, confirming that their GTX 880 will release in early October.

The interview, translated by WCCFTech, reveals a few things about the Gigabyte version of the flagship Maxwell chip. Firstly, we know what naming convention Gigabyte is going for now, with the G1 probably specifying this will be the first release of the GTX 880. The G1 will also take a page out of Asus’ book in terms of cooling. The Asus GTX 780 Strix uses an intelligent cooling solution that renders the card silent under medium load. The G1 will probably have its own fan and heatsink design, but it’s aiming to be just as quiet as the Strix.

There’s nothing on performance over the 700-series cards, but I expect Nvidia to be revealing more about that at either Gamescom or an exclusive event sometime after. It’s looking more and more like Nvidia will roll out their Maxwell chips in October, just in time for some of this year’s biggest releases.

Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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