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Google launch a new Camera Go app for entry-level devices

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Google’s Android Go platform has been an opportunity for the company to create an ecosystem of apps that are designed to run on entry-level phones and require less data usage, making them perfect for emerging markets with a need for cheap communication technology. Over the past few years, we’ve seen different versions of Gmail, YouTube and even the likes of Uber make lite versions of their apps to work on Android and these entry-level devices.  

The company is now tackling a picturesque field with its new Camera App, conveniently called Camera Go. The new app is designed to be simpler in use with far fewer features and a clutter-free interface. Perfect for people that just want to take a photo and not worry about all those other settings and filters along the way.

It also won’t attempt to back things up to the cloud and give more options for saving pictures in lower resolution, smaller file size options. Staying true to the original vision of Android Go it will also track how much photo or video storage space is left and suggest ways to clear space so that users won’t need to worry about this.

Camera Go is deeply integrated into the phone’s operating system and is not just photo filtering on top. That’s a first in this class of devices. It democratizes photography for the entry-level

Camera Go will be releasing on the new Nokia 1.3 due out later this year It’s not clear if a version of the app will be available for download on more Android phones for those wanting a more stripped-down camera app or reserved to just exclusively to certain low-end devices in Android Go.

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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