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Here’s the winner of our Pimp your Console competition

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Not very long ago at all, we told you about the chaps from CC Entertainment, and how they could add a dash of magic to your consoles thanks to their industry-leading skins. You may remember that we told you of the wide array of decals available for your shiny new-gen consoles, as well as the Titan One; a little device that lets you use just about any controller on any console or system. You may also remember that we’re giving away a voucher and a Titan One device, thanks to the aforementioned CC Entertainment. Because we didn’t.

Jokes aside, We’re finally announcing the winner, after me being locked out of the database for too long. Without further adieu, here’s the winner of that super funk-tastic bundle from CC. Entertainment.


Donovan Janse van Rensburg! We’ll be in contact soon to get you your prizes. While I’ve not toyed about with the skins, I did have a solid go with Titan One, my experiences with which you can read here. It works, doing what it says on the tine, but requires a bit of black magic and an animal sacrifice to get working right.

“I’m happy it exists, because it means I don’t need to buy new arcade fight sticks at the moment. The Titan One is a supremely powerful little device, though I feel that only a small percentage of users will actually make the most of it. If you want to use unsupported controllers and add cheat functions to them, this’ll let you do just that. Just remember that it’ll take a bit of head-scratching and reading forums to do it.”

Last Updated: July 7, 2015

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