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How to Unlock an iPhone Without Passcode or Face Id?

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Do you have the intention to secure your phone from your partner with a security code? Yet, you forgot the passcode? Or sometimes, even when you are wearing a face mask, face ID won’t unlock your iPhone. Additionally, you could repeatedly enter the erroneous passcode or forget your passcode, which would lock your iPhone. In a similar manner, you must get past face ID and passcode on an iPhone.

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This post is for you if you’re wondering how to keep an eye on your partner’s social media activity and he or she uses an iPhone. You may view calls and texts on your husband’s or wife’s iPhone using the applications mentioned in this post, and you can even change the settings.

Many people are curious as to whether it’s even possible to unlock an iPhone using a password due to the popularity of the device and its security. Well, you can unlock your iPhone and get around the passcode or face ID security feature in a number of legal ways. In this article, you will get to know about how to unlock an iphone without a passcode or face id?

Why is it important to unlock an iPhone without Passcode or Face Id?

It is obvious that 80% of the world’s population relies on the internet (source) to complete tasks because it has become part of our everyday lives. The popularity of social media has increased as well, and you can easily find teenagers, youngsters, even elderly and regal people there.

Actually, if you aren’t on any of them, you might discover that your area of influence is limited to your bedroom. An excellent idea gone wrong, a lot of people now use the internet to perpetrate crimes and deceive their partners. We are aware that you may have arrived here for a variety of reasons. How do you go about using spying software to find out what is happening in the lives of individuals who are closest to you?

Trying to track the user’s location on an iPhone can occasionally be challenging due to Apple’s constantly updating security features and limitations. But using the Ultimate Phone Spy app for iOS is one of the greatest remedies.

Simply download the app to the phone you want to track, and you can stop worrying that it may disappear or go unnoticed in a matter of minutes. For IOS users, Ultimate Phone Spy app also comes with a variety of extra capabilities that let people place their phones in monitor, lock, or secure settings so that noisy outsiders can’t see what they have inside other apps on the phone.

How to Unlock an iPhone Without Passcode or Face Id?

The highly secure and challenging-to-hack nature of iPhones is a result of its passcode mechanism. Due to this safeguard, the majority of the apps used to hack other phones cannot be utilized to unlock an iPhone. However, in order to ensure the security of your loved ones who use iPhones, you must discover a technique to gain access to the device and keep an eye on its social media usage. Below are some of the ways to unlock an iPhone without Passcode or face id.

1. Using Spy App to Unlock iPhone without Passcode or Face Id

With Ultimate Phone Spy (click here), you can keep an eye on someone’s iPhone without having to handle it yourself. If you want to read the messages on an iPhone, all you have to do is sign up for Ultimate Phone Spy, download the app, and you’ll have access to the texts. It is crucial to be aware that your email address, password, and email address must all be legitimate.

There is no need to worry if you are concerned about being discovered because this program is made to disappear from view on the phone. Therefore, the user would not be aware that the program is installed on the iPhone while spying on it.

Using Ultimate Phone Spy’s keylogger tool, you can spy on an iPhone without a passcode. Keylogger is an Ultimate Phone Spy function that allows you to view the keys the iPhone user types. You may use this to observe the code they enter and use it to access the phone and spy on it.

·       You can use these simple procedures to access the keylogger.

·       Log in to your Ultimate Phone Spy page’s dashboard.

·       Browse the available options in the selection window on the left.

·       Decide to use a keylogger

·       To access the iPhone and observe activity on it, verify the user’s keyboard input and utilize the code. All you need is iCloud credentials to unlock an iPhone without passcode or face ID

2. Using iCloud to Unlock iPhone without Passcode or Face Id

You can unlock the device to find out where it might be if you need to access your iPhone because you lost it and can’t find it or it was stolen. Another scenario is when you upgrade a system and can’t access your data because you can’t seem to recall the password you used the prior time. You can unlock your cell phone without wiping off all of your files, so don’t worry.

Utilizing the iCloud service, which is a feature of all Apple devices, is the only option to get rid of this problem.

·       All you have to do is go to www.icloud.com, Apple’s website for iCloud.

·       To gain access, you must provide your account information, including your Apple ID and password.

·       Find and select the “All Devices” option. It’s up there.

·       Choose the device you wish to access.

·       Three alternatives will be presented to you; choose “Erase.”

·       You won’t require a password to access your iPhone once all of your data has been deleted.

Alternative helps apps to unlock an iPhone

There are useful apps that can give you access to your device or partner’s device. It is important to know the usefulness of this third party app. 

What to note is how you can utilize these apps to your benefit. One of the best features to unlock any iPhone, is to make a backup of this app.

  • iMazing:

This app lets you backup your device to transfer music, WhatsApp data, photo and many more.What you only require to unlock your iPhone is iCloud credentials. 

The usefulness of this iMazing is that it helps remember your password when you forget it. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is this.

Here how to unlock your iPhone or iPad backup password

  1. On your iPhone, use the reset all settings option on iMazing app
  2. Click correct backup password 
  3. Erase the device, then restore from iCloud backup 
  4. This will allow you save a new backup from the device

iPhone Restorer

This is a powerful app that allows you to unlock an iPhone without Face ID or passcode. It gives you total control of your device. You can restore your password without erasing your phone. You can monitor someone’s phone with an iPhone restorer. 

This app gives you access to a remote server which you can operate from anywhere. This software is created by professional hackers who bypass iPhones with simple brute force.


Relationships end for a variety of reasons; some end pleasantly while others end badly; either way it ends, an ex-spouse may later pose a threat.

You need to be aware of the activities your ex engages in on their mobile device if they keep bothering you and you wonder whether they have any intentions of hurting you or your spouse. If you’re wondering if you can unlock your ex’s iPhone if they use one, the answer is “yes.” Tracking your ex’s iPhone is simple with Ultimate Phone Spy. By keeping an eye on your ex’s behavior, especially on their mobile device, you may safeguard your relationship and shield yourself from harassment.

Last Updated: September 1, 2022

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