iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 release date and prices revealed for South Africa

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Apple reveals iPhone 7, Apple Watch SA release dates

At the beginning of the month Apple held their annual iPhone press conference, where both the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 were revealed. As per usual with Apple, the devices all went on sale just a week later in major regions. South Africa still isn’t cool enough to crack that initial wave list, but every year the wait seems like it’s getting shorter. Nearly a month after the first release, both the Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7 will arrive on local shores.

First up, the iPhone 7. It’s going to be available in iStores Stores countrywide on October 14th (two weeks from today), and will be accompanied by a hefty price. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cash prices are a little staggering, only offset but the cash-back offer the Apple Store features for your old iPhone. Should you be willing to part with it, Apple will knock off a few bucks on your iPhone 7 purchase – which really isn’t too bad.

Should you want to trade-in for a new iPhone 7, here’s what you can expect:

32GB 128GB 256GB
Cash price with no trade-in R12,999 R14,999 R16,999
After trading in an iPhone 6s Plus* R4,999 R6,999 R8,999
After trading in an iPhone 6s* R5,999 R7,999 R9,999
After trading in an iPhone 6* R7,999 R9,999 R11,999

If you’re eyeing out the beefier (and honestly superior) iPhone 7 Plus, things get a little more expensive:

32GB 128GB 256GB
Cash price with no trade-in R15,499 R17,499 R19,499
After trading in an iPhone 6s Plus* R7,499 R9,499 R11,499
After trading in an iPhone 6s* R8,499 R10,499 R12,499
After trading in an iPhone 6 Plus* R9,499 R11,499 R13,499

Along with the iPhone 7, the Apple Watch will be getting a full refresh on October 14th as well. Series 2 is Apple’s newest device, equipped with a faster processor, water resistance and in-built GPS. The Series 1 features all the same insides as Series 2, but omits the water resistant tech and GPS. It’s replacing the original Apple Watch, and both will come with their own trade-in deals too.

38mm Apple Watch Sport Up to R2 000 back
42mm Apple Watch Sport Up to R2 500 back

And if you’re looking to just pay some cold hard cash:

Apple Watch Series 2 38mm Aluminium From R6 899
42mm Aluminium From R7 499
38mm Stainless Steel From R9 999
42mm Stainless Steel From R10 999
Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Aluminium From R4 999
42mm Aluminium From R5 999
Apple Watch Edition 38mm White Ceramic R22 999
42mm White Ceramic R23 999

I must say I’m particularly surprised at the Apple Watch Series 2 prices, which match up almost identically to European and British prices of the Watch when it went on sale a few weeks ago. Yes, Apple is still an expensive luxury, but any Apple fan out there will argue that its quality offsets that. Either way, two weeks isn’t too long to wait in any case.

Last Updated: September 30, 2016

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