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IPX8 vs IP68 – Which is Better?

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The two different electronic product ratings- IPX8 and IP68- tell you how protected a device is, and what it is protected from. But what are the differences between them? Read our IPX8 vs IP68 guide below.

The IP68 rating is given to devices that are both dustproof and waterproof. The IPX8 rating is for devices that are able to withstand being submerged in water.

IPX8 vs IP68
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The X in the IP rating right after the letters “IP” tells you that the device isn’t designed to keep out dust or other solid objects. If the X is in the second digit place, or two places after “IP”, then that tells you that the device hasn’t been tested for water submersion or liquid resistance.

If a product has numbers in both digits’ places, then that means it has been tested for solid and liquid resistance, and will provide at least some level of protection against both.

Let’s compare the IPX8 and IP68 ratings, so you can see how they stack up.

IPX8 vs IP68 Rating, Which Is Better?

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If you have a choice between two products, each with one of these two ratings, you might be curious as to which is the better rating. After all, you’ll likely want to buy the product that has the better rating.

Keep in mind that an X in any part of the rating tells you that the device hasn’t been tested for something, so that means that the IPX8 lacks the protection of the IP68. The IP68 has a rating of 6 protection against solids like dust, airborne particles and other solids. The IPX8 offers no protection for those kinds of solids, says Samsung.

Both devices share the same level 8 rating for waterproofing, which tells you that they can withstand being submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, according to CNet. In other words, you could probably go swimming with either device on and not have to worry about them being damaged, as long as you don’t go too deep. It’s when you go outside that the level of protection differs, and you would have to make a decision about whether taking your device with you or not.

Should We Buy IP68 or IPX8 Rated Product?

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Now that you understand how electronic devices are rated, it’s obvious that the IP68 has the higher rating, and offers better protection. It can be used outdoors just fine and will be protected against dust, while the IPX8 is more of an indoor device. If dust gets inside it, it could become damaged, and even stop working.

To Sum Up

When you are debating which product to buy, you should figure out whether you will be using it primarily outdoors or indoors. Both offer waterproofing to some degree, so that’s not a deciding factor.

You may pay more for a product with an IP68 rating, so if you are just going to use it in clean, indoor areas, there is no need to bother with the higher IP68 rating. The IPX8 should do just fine.

Hopefully, this helps you make a more informed decision.

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Last Updated: July 18, 2022

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