Is your Witcher 3 save import broken? Here’s a fix

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If you’re an avid RPG fan from any corner of the globe, this is the day you’ve no doubt been waiting for. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the concluding chapter in Geralt’s story, is finally out for mass consumption – and so far I’ve been having an absolute blast with its incredible storytelling. It adapts beautifully well to your Witcher 2 import, as long as you can get it to work.

As soon as you start a new game in The Witcher 3, you’re presented with the option to either import a previous save, or simulate it in-game (which is done rather excellently, by the way). If you only see the simulation option, the game is not locating your old save correctly – which makes all those previous hours you spent in the Northern Realms a little moot.

Thankfully, there’s a quick, painless fix. The Witcher 3 looks for save files in a specific location – and one which Steam in particular doesn’t save to. If you’ve been using Steam Cloud Saves, you’ll probably find your save files in “:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\userdata\[userid]\20920\remote.”. The Witcher 3 only picks up files located in “:\Users\[username]\My Documents\Witcher 2\gamesaves”, so you’ll have to move it there if you want the option to pop up at all.

See, quick and easy. Also don’t forget to download the day-one Game Ready Drivers if you’re playing to explore Novigrad using a green graphics cards – and right now just hope for the best on anything AMD.

Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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