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Leaked specs for the Canon EOS R5 point towards a powerhouse 8K vlogging machine

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It may have taken the camera world’s most stubborn giants a few extra years to jump on the mirrorless lens bandwagon, but now that the likes of Canon and Nikon are more interested in a market which is quickly abandoning traditional DSLR for shinier tech, it looks like the entire technology of professional photography is ready to improve in leaps and bounds every single year.

Sony and Fujifilm still lead the way in this arena, but Canon’s recent efforts are nothing to sneeze at. The EOS M5 and M6 are still a hell of a camera duo, but the company is already looking to the future for their next flagship device which according to Canon Rumours will be the Canon EOS R5. A mirrorless full frame camera with plenty of grunt, the leak points towards shutterbug hardware that packs a a 45MP CMOS sensor, in-body image stabilisation rated for 5 stops of stability on the device alone and burst speeds of up to 20fps when using the electronic shutter.

If you switch to mechanical, this will drop to 12fps but it’ll still be an absolute powerhouse in the right hands. Over on the video side, it’s the potential for cinematic shoots that will have gums flapping with the EOS R5 as it’ll apparently be able to grab 8K footage at 30fps. That’s…that’s a lot of pixels, while regular 4K video shoots can be done at up to 120fps which is mind-boggling stuff. It’ll probably chew up the battery like nobody’s business and there’s now word yet on how many minutes you can grab at that ludicrous resolution but it’s still impressive stuff.

Beyond that, 5GHZ wi-fi and a new battery that “has the same shape and compatibility as the EOS 5D Mark IV” rounds out the current spec list, with an official announcement coming at the CP+ photography trade show at the end of February. It’ll be a while before the device apparently ships out in July, but that should be enough time to sell off the organs you’ll need to afford it.

Last Updated: January 29, 2020

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  1. I’ve been watching this develop for the past year, and cannot wait for July!

    The R6 is on the way too.

    PS. 8K will more than likely be time-lapse capture on this body.


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