Logitech’s G910 Keyboard will elevate your gaming

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Lately the PC peripheral market has been dominated by Razer and SteelSeries – at least locally. Logitech has receded in the background over the years, especially when it comes to specialized PC gaming hardware. That’s slowly changing, and at rAge this year they had two fairly great products to show off.

By far the most impressive of the two was the new G910 Mechanical Keyboard, which has a lot going for it. Sixteen million colors that can be assigned to keys individually, a host of macro programable keys and even a dock for your favorite smartphone. The keyboard is more featured filled than most street illegal cars, as Logitech explained to us.

The smartphone dock is by far the smartest addition. Cyborg added their own screen to one of their keyboards a little while back, but the G910 basically outsources this. You can change settings on the fly and tweak your gaming without having to alt+tab out of anything, which is something I do quite frequently.

The only issue I see here is the price. Logitech was hesitant to give out a locked down figure, especially since the rand can plummet even more between now and the December launch Overseas though, the G910 goes for $180, which is nearly double the price of Razer’s Blackwidow Ultimate. That’s an insanely premium price, although the 70 million keystrokes does make it sound like a long lasting piece of tech.

I also got a brief look at the G402 gaming mouse, which was a little less impressive. In the hands, the G402 felt quite comfortable, and featured most of all the common extras you’d hope to find. A DPI number that you’ll never reach is just the start, but being able to change DPI settings on the fly is personally a must nowadays. The mouse also sports a few programmable keys that can be used for macros.

Logitech has been out of the game locally in terms of gaming hardware, but I was pleasantly surprised by the G910 especially at rAge. Sure, I’ll probably never be able to afford it, but it seems like just the start of Logitech’s re-entry into the market. More quality hardware is never a bad thing.

Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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