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L’Oréal has a new gadget which mixes whatever make-up colour you want

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L’Oréal has a new gadget which mixes whatever make-up colour you want 2

I’m not someone who knows an awful lot about make-up, but as a married man, I can confirm that it takes women a fair amount of time to apply it and get it right. So, while I care nothing for make-up itself, any piece of technology that comes around and makes it easier for women to choose and apply make-up and therefore reduces the time I spend waiting is something I can definitely get behind.

L’Oréal is looking to bring tech into the make-up space with the announcement (via The Verge) of its new Bluetooth-connected Perso — a gadget that’ll mix up lipstick, foundation, or a skincare regimen that’s customized to whoever owns it. The new gadget makes use of a companion app which features the ability to pull trending images from social media to whip up colours and make it easier for a person to mimic looks they see online. Or rather have even more people looking like the Kardashians.

The app allows you to preview that colour on yourself using augmented reality before committing to making it for you. Once you decide to create that colour, the Perso uses three swappable colour cartridges to squirt out the right amount of each colour that, when mixed together, create your desired look. The cartridges that will come with the device should supply enough for 30 applications.

The Perso, which will only be coming out in 2021, was demoed at the ongoing CES show, though only had the lipstick model on display. It is believed that the foundation and skincare version will all allow for a similar range of mixes and applications and hopefully make it easier for women everyone to finally get the look that they’ve been trying to pull right first time.

At least I hope so otherwise men will be doomed to keep wait for many years longer.

Last Updated: January 6, 2020

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