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Meet Julia, the only kitchen appliance you will ever need

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We may fear the rise of our robot overlords one day and an uprising will likely happen. But until then, why not use the advancement of our robotics technology to make our lives easier and do some tasks we don’t enjoy. Like cooking for instance. While I love eating good food as much as the next person, certain aspects of cooking like all the food preparation and chopping make it something I don’t enjoy doing.

So, if someone can make an automated machine to do some of those tasks for me, it would have my interest piqued. Enter Julia, the all-in-one cooker from CookingPal. The company showed off their new product at the ongoing CES 2020 event (via CNET) to give us a glimpse of what the kitchen of the future may just look like.

The Julia appliance can weigh, chop, steam, blend, knead, boil, whisk, cook and more. It comes with a custom 8-inch smart display called the Smart Kitchen Hub, with a digital recipe book and appliance controls to help Julia make your meal. Once you’ve selected and customised the recipe to your liking, you simply add the ingredients and the Julia does the rest. 

The touch-screen Android-powered smart display features a large physical jog dial for familiar haptic feedback or though you can also make use of Alexa voice commands to communicate with the device. If that was not cool enough though, the company is also making a mobile app with which you can communicate with the Julia remotely, meaning that if you have already added the ingredients, you can get the device to have the meal ready for you when you get home Quite honestly, this sounds like the kitchen appliance I have been wanting all my life.

A device though that may need to stay a distant dream for now because not only is the device only expected to release in 2020 (with no SA release date just yet), it is also expected to cost around $1000 (R15 000) and so isn’t something I can afford anytime soon.

Last Updated: January 7, 2020

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