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MSI reveals more details on their behemoth gaming laptop

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I’ve already mentioned how I might have a love affair with the upcoming MSI GT80. It’s a gaming laptop that has obviously been klapping gym, and features a click-clack mechanical keyboard that clearly makes the device worth the many, many thousands of Rands that it will cost. Clearly. I mean, who needs a new motorcycle when you can have this?

Although they announced it late last year, hardware innards and organs weren’t on the menu for the GT80. With CES this week, the laptop got more detailed. Here’s what you’ll find inside the Titan SLI-001 model:

Titan SLI-001 

  • Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor
  • Dual Nvidia GTX 980M chips
  • 16GB of DDR3L 1600MHz RAM
  • 2x RAID 0 128GB SSDs
  • 1TB 7200RPM hard drive

In addition to all that, the SLI-009 model will also boast an Intel i7 4980HQ processor and 24GB of DDR3L RAM. Here’s the rub however: The GT80 is massive. It’s fat enough to give a vampire diabetes, thanks to the 18.4” HD screen and the massive power brick that comes with it. In other words, it’s not very portable at all. And yes, I’m well aware that you could build a PC for half the price of what the GT80 will cost. Or even a third. But you underestimate my ability to make horribly stupid decisions whenever I get the techno-lust.

So how much will the GT80 actually cost? A cool $3299. Or R38 586 (before import and markup). That’s a lot of money grandpas.

Last Updated: January 6, 2015

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