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Naughty Dog co-founder joins Oculus

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Some believe that Virtual Reality is a gimmick; little more than a cyclical fad that’s back in the limelight, only to fade away and return again with some new technology powering it. There are others who don’t ascribe to that negativity; genuinely believing that VR has the power to change the world. Once such person is Jason Rubin, Co-founder of Naughty Dog – who’s joined Oculus Rift as its head of worldwide studios.

"There have only been a handful of times in my life where I saw something that I knew would change everything," said Rubin.

"The awe-inspiring tech Oculus is building is a portal into an incredible world that my daughter will one day consider to be normal. The moment I put it on, I wanted to help define that future."

Rubin will so be in charge with making sure that the Rift gets games.

"The team at Oculus has been working to push the boundaries of what’s possible with hardware and software. I’m excited to bring together a new division dedicated to building high-quality VR content that helps define the platform and inspire others to do the same."

He joins a wealth of other industry veterans and high profile hires that’ve joined the company, including id’s John Carmack and Valve’s former head of business Jason Holtman.  

Here are some other industry people who’ve recently jumped ship to Oculus.

  • Neil Konzen, former engineer at Valve and one of the original Microsoft employees
  • Brian Hook, former engineer at RAD (Telemetry) and the original author of 3Dfx Glide
  • Adrian Wong, former lead systems engineer at Google[x] (Glass)
  • Ian Field, former engineer at ARM and co-inventor of Cortex-M
  • Raul Corella, former head of supply chain at JawBone, Monster, and Leap Motion
  • Laura Fryer, former GM of Epic Seattle and WB Seattle
  • Paul Pedriana, former lead engineer at EA
  • David Moore, former engineer at RAD (Granny)
  • Kenneth Scott, former art director at 343 Studios (Halo 4)
  • Seneca Menard, former technical artist at id Software
  • Paul Pepera, former environment artist at Valve and 343 Studios
  • Brian Sharp, former engineer at Bungie
  • Aaron Nicholls, former engineer at Valve, 343 Studios, and Microsoft
  • Matt Alderman, former engineer at Valve and ArenaNet
  • Cass Everitt, former GPU architect and engineer at Nvidia
  • Ross O’Dwyer, former at head of development support at Havok
  • Douglas Lanman, former research scientist at Nvidia Research and MIT Media Lab

That’s a lot of really smart people in one place. Still think it’s a fad?

Last Updated: June 11, 2014

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