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Nearly half of all Vita game sales are digital

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Memory cards for the PlayStation Vita are stupid expensive. Much of the gaming public seems a bit paranoid of a digital-only future. No matter. 48% of all Vita game sales are digital.

Sony was clearly planning for a lot of digital sales on the Vita from the onset, leading the charge by announcing early that every Vita game would be available on day one as a digital download. Whereas previous platforms treated digital downloads as an occasional perk, Sony made it a rule. With this recent announcement of a 48% digital sale rate, it may be paying off.

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It’s interesting that Vita owners seem to be so eager to adopt the digital option. For one, some Vita games are rather large. Killzone: Mercenary started out at over 4GB on day one, making it impossible for owners with the low-end 4GB Vita package to download the digital version. Those who plan on making the most of the digital offerings may want the maxed-out 32GB memory card, but that sells for close to $100/£70 – for most of us, it’s a stretch to call that affordable.

Then there’s also the paranoia of a digital-only console future, an impending doom to would-be game collectors. Microsoft was famously derided for its intention to fashion the Xbox One in such a way — though, the bulk of those complaints were aimed at the 24-hour verification check that crippled those with poor-to-no internet connectivity. Still, owners of the PlayStation Vita are quick to partake.

It makes sense, though, that the Vita could lead the console charge in digital-only adoption. The notion is quite well-suited to a mobile platform. Who wants to carry a case of game cards when you could pocket your handheld system with its library built right in?

Also of note from Sony’s closed-door meeting with IGN is the announcement that the new Vita Slim model recently released in Europe will be coming to North America, bundled with Borderlands 2. Sony also stated that one in three Vita owners also purchased a PlayStation 4.

The hugely successful Nintendo 3DS also struggled out of the gate before posting fantastic numbers. If Sony’s announcements are any indication, perhaps the Vita is finally turning the corner itself.

Last Updated: February 12, 2014

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