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Need to take a tinkle urgently in an unfamiliar area? Whizz app may be your salvation

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No matter how advanced our technology may become, nothing brings us back to earth quicker than the need to answer nature’s call. It’s a humbling reminder that for all our technological breakthroughs, we simply cannot escape the basic needs of our bodies.

For people who work in the gig economy like Uber, Lyft or Takealot drivers, finding a pitstop to relieve the pressure on their bladders can be quite a problematic experience. If you’re close to a shopping mall, that can often be solved easily, but in the middle of a busy business area, finding a place to tinkle is not always so easy. Especially with restrictions around COVID-19 only getting stricter.

Thankfully there is an app, appropriately titled Whizz, which is being developed with the gig worker in mind and is designed to help find a nearby bathroom where they can relieve themselves. Users simply pick a nearby restaurant and show an employee their phone to gain access to their facilities. What Whiz is doing differently from other similar apps is seeking partnerships with restaurants to provide not only bathroom access, but also deals for users of the app, so that they gain free advertising in exchange for said bathroom access and promotional deals for the users.

It’s an interesting approach that could work, especially in the US where it is initially launching. I’m not so sure that the gig economy is big enough in other parts of the world to make a success out of the idea, although I guess the need to have a slash will never truly go away. This app can be utilised by other users too, and believe me, I’ve needed to point Percy at porcelian in the middle of a few long runs where an app like this would’ve been handy.

And…this got awkward.

Last Updated: November 3, 2020

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