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New Chrome updates to prioritise speed and security on sites

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Security and speed are pretty much everything these days hen to comes to websites. The faster they perform the better and well, security should go without saying, even tohugh sadly people still frequent untrusted sites far too often, despite browsers warning them accordingly. Google pls planning to prioritise both of these things with new updates coming to Chrome.

The first is a feature called Fast Page Labelling that is coming to Chrome 85, which will make use of Core Web Vitals metrics to identify which pages re higher performing and then even possibly place them higher in search rankings as a result. These new metrics will track things like including page load time, responsiveness, and how stable content is while it loads to measure its overall performance and then notify the user accordingly when a site is marked as a might preforming one. The company has updated its Developer Tools to aid developers in the process of site optimisation as many companies will no doubt be on a missing to update their rankings accordingly, something which is no doubt a great thing for the end-user experience on the internet.

A different blog post also revealed a focus on a new security feature that will be coming a little later in Chrome 86, which will not just switch off autofill when a particular web form is not secure (even https sites can have unsecured forms within them) while providing a warning messaging stating as such. Should a user still choose to submit their details anyway, they will get a second warning page confirming that the user is sure of their decision before submitting it to the site itself.

It’s great to see Google prioritising these features which will hopefully help users be more aware of the security and performance of certain sites. Now if only the SEO gods could somehow add awesome journalism and good looking writers to the list of importance in ranking to ensure a certain site that rhymes with Political Fit makes it to the top of entertainment news around the world.

Last Updated: August 21, 2020

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  1. Daniel Chege

    August 24, 2020 at 15:38

    Thanks for sharing the web vitals metrics update, which reminds me I need to do more SEO campaigns on my web design company website so it ranks higher on the SERP. Keep up the good work.


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