Nvidia making a record-breaking amount of money

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It should be no secret by now that when it comes to PC hardware, Nvidia is my go-to brand. I have nothing against AMD, and I often think I’m getting screwed financially, but Nvidia has earned my loyalty. They’ve earned the loyalty of millions of people worldwide too, which is why they’re currently swimming in so much money.

Nvidia has posted their third quarterly financials, showing a massive spike in their revenue year on year. In their third financial quarter for the year, Nvidia racked in $1.23 in revenue, a 16% jump from last year and a new record for the company. This boosted net profits by 45%, reaching $173 million in this quarter alone. A stark contrast to competitors AMD, who posted a sizable loss in profits last quarter.

But what products are bringing Nvidia all the dough? Unsurprisingly, it’s their desktop hardware and laptops making up the bulk of the revenue with a massive $991 million share. That was no doubt boosted by the launch of the 900 series Maxwell cards in September, which has fast become Nvidia’s most popular product.

Nvidia’s Tegra division, however, isn’t at the same level. The division still posted a 51% growth over the past year, but still only manages to make up for $168 million in revenue. Tegra chips are what Nvidia has been punting hard lately, included in their new Shield tablet, smartphones and everyday computational devices such as navigation systems. There’s still growth, but I wonder how long Nvidia will allow it to remain so far behind its other range of products.

But it certainly doesn’t seem like a bad time to be an Nvidia shareholder. The company has regained its dominance at the end of this year, but AMD certainly have something in the pipeline to shake things up again. That’s when it’s going to get really interesting for people like you and I.

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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