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Nvidia revealing the “future of gaming” next month

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Is Nvidia making a new console?

Nvidia showed their hand late last year, and now it’s all about waiting to see if AMD is going to call or fold in the next few months. After the launch of the GTX 960, it would be acceptable to think that Nvidia was done for a short while – which seemed apparent from the lack of any sort of leaks regarding new products. Thing is, they aren’t done just yet.

Several media outlets have received an invitation to an hour-long Nvidia event, where the company claims they’ll reveal “the future of gaming”. That’s a predictably bold, marketing quote –  but it does piqué my interest. This doesn’t seem like a new graphics card, but a whole new product entirely. Nvidia has already dabbled with a tablet and the portable Nvidia Shield – so could this be a console?


It would seem like the next logical step for the manufacturer, especially with the rise of the “living room PC console” market. It could also be an entry into the booming VR market, which seem like the safest bet right now. Although, I struggle to understand why Nvidia would chose to compete with some of the best VR solutions out there, rather than support them.

And if I’m completely wrong and this is all about graphics cards, then we could see the very early introduction of the Maxwell Ti cards. With only a few months on the GTX 980 and 970, this would be somewhat suicidal of Nvidia – but they do know the inner workings of the market far better than I do. But considering the invitation says it’s a five year project and counting, I doubt it.

The event is taking place on March 3rd, so until then we can all just speculate together. What do you think Nvidia has up their sleeve? An ace in the hole?

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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