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Nvidia to launch a “New Gaming Platform” in March

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Earlier this month, Alessandro told you that Nvidia was set to reveal the “future of gaming” on March 3rd this year at GDC. Some people had been handed special invitations for the event, which mentions something “made to game.” Speculation then, suggested a VR headset or set top system. Both are looking quite plausible.

Somebody on the GeForce forums though, went poking about in the website for the event, and found a little bit hidden in the code.

“On March 3, you are invited to join NVIDIA CEO Jensen as we unveil a revolutionary new gaming platform.”

An entire, revolutionary gaming platform? That’s starting to sound like an Android-powered set-top gaming console to me. Essentially, it could be a microconsole that does exactly what Shield does right now; play its own games, as well as allow you to stream games from your Desktop PC to the device. It’ll likely be powered by Nvidia’s rather powerful Tegra X1 SoC.

Just yesterday, speculation suggested Nvidia was set to release its own VR HMD – which I suppose could be considered a platform of its very own.

It could, however, be Nvidia showing off Valve’s finalised Steam PC, which is something I’d be much keener to see. Honestly, the last thing this world needs is yet another Android microconsole.

Last Updated: February 26, 2015

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